Meet 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Barfi ask for Ahlawat’s ancestral idol

Meet 22nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Raj says to everyone when Isha will be getting married that time Meet and Meet Ahlawat will also get married. Everyone in shock. Raj ask what happen do you all want to say anything. Masum says you can’t do this, it’s about there life so they will decide. Raj says after so long you have said something right and ask Meet and Meet Ahlawat are you ready to get married again. Meet Ahlawat says I have meeting with investors we will talk later. Manjari says I’ll wish Meet Ahlawat luck for his meeting and walk away. Raj says did you see how they are acting now I’m sure they will get ready for marriage.
Manjari ask to him what is this I’m here to act to be your wife not to become your wife, I’ll get old but won’t marry you I’m not that ediot. Meet Ahlawat says good you know that you are ediot and I won’t marry a girl like you. Manjari says okay then I’ll tell him clearly about marriage. He says I would have talked if you have not wasted my time but I’m late for my meeting so you handle and he wipes her face. Meet thinks why is he behaving like this. Meet Ahlawat says dad is seeing to react properly. She says what I’ll do without you, yoi still take good care of me and still love me, see tension wrinkles your skin and I don’t want to take it I’m telling you I won’t marry you so clear out everything. Raj says to everyone come on everyone go in there room and they leave. Meet thinks you don’t know how happy I’m after listening about second marriage.

Barfi outside Ahlawat’s mansion thinking about Manjari what she said to her about her story and remove her bangles given by Ragini. Barfi walks in and says to Manjari hey adopted wife you are still here, you were here for Raj now he is well so pack your bag and go. Manjari says get a habit of seeing a good face because I won’t leave before her marriage. Barfi says I don’t talk to people like and push her but Barfi stumble and fall. Manjari see the bangles out of Ragini. Barfi put them in bag and walk away. Meet says that was of Ragini.

Barfi says to Ragini and Ram I got blind because of my only son’s marriage, tell me how can someone get married without talking to there elders, what should I do. Ram ask what happen, we did something wrong. Barfi says it was my fault, I checked Isha’s kundali to my pandit and he tole there is a bad omen and if they get married something negative will happen now you only tell how can I put my child in a bad situation that’s why I’m here to apologise because I’m not ready for marriage. Meet in corridor thinking how did Barfi got Raginis bangles I have to find out. Ragini says don’t worry we will find out something. Barfi says there is solution but I know you won’t be able to do it that’s why I didn’t tell. Ram and Ragini say’s tell us we will find out. Barfi thinks this is the right time to take revenge of my child. Ragini says tell us solution. Barfi says the solution is in your house and says you have to give your families god ideol to us if you get married here or at my house this is the solution. Manjari about to open door of Raginis room. Isha stop her. Manjari looks bangles says you have these. Isha says yes mom told you she gave it to repair so Barfi brought these with her because repair shop was near Deep’s house…
Isha remembers Barfi giving her bangles and ask her to wear them quickly and Manjari is keeping to much eye on people so wear them I’ll take from you before going and keep her away from your mom’s room, do as I say if you want to marry Deep.
Manjari ask show me bangles and she start looking. Isha take her hand away and says Popat was looking for you. Meet thinks thank god Isha told me about bangles or I would have asked Ragini about those bangles. Isha thinks I have lost Deep one time but now I won’t let this happen again if I have to lie for this.
Ragini says Godess Lakshmi ideol was given by our Guruji to our family we can’t give that. Ram says sorry we can’t do this. Barfi says I know you won’t be able to do that’s why I didn’t said anything now you only tell without any solution why I’ll take your girl I won’t be able to do that. Ragini try to talk but she walks away.

Popat and Meet outside. Popat give her corn and says have it and enjoy. Meet give no reaction. Popat ask what happen to your face why you look upset. Meet says I’m thinking if my Manjari character like corn or not, it’s been time being Manjari but still I didn’t reach my destination. Popat says I understand what pain are you facing I also feel low but do we have any other way. Meet says no that’s why I make myself remember why I became Manjari and I have to keep strength because if I try to act fast Manushi will understand. Popat says you have waited so long so do it for some more you will get what you want. Meet see a boy on street says who’s kid is this where his family members. Kids mom walks to him hugs him and says you know how I get worried when you leave me and gets emotional, she pick him up and walk away. Meet thinks how tensed she was when he was away for some moments and my child is away for 1 year, I have not seen him and she start crying. Popat says no you won’t get weak just think your son is also waiting for you from 1 year so stay in character do everything and become number one fan of Manushi. Meet says you are right I have to stop getting emotional till the time Manjari get’s what Meet want.

Masum says to Meet Ahlawat I have to talk something important I want to talk about what dad said about marriage, listen I know you can do anything for Dad but you have to draw line for yourself one time because of Dad you got Meet and this time Manjari, you can’t marry her because she is look alike of Meet, go and talk to Dad and says no to marriage and when he will be fine we will talk to Chavi she is still waiting for you. Meet Ahlawat smile and says how to talk to Dad about this and where is Manjari. Masum says she went to parlour with Popat.

Manjari walk in with Popat. Duggu walks to Manjari says come I want to show you something and take her. Popat says be careful and says I’m tired I’ll go and rest.

Manjari ask Duggu tell me what you want to show. Duggu take her to room says it’s inside go and check and he run away. Manjari enter room and she it’s decorated. Manjari walks to table and says Isha must have done for Deep and she wants me to see first everything, I wish someone have done something like this for Manjari. Lights get dim. Manjari says wao Isha you are so romantic you made great arrengements for Deep. Meet Ahlawat standing in distance says will you marry me Manjari.