Meet 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Manushi tells Meet the truth

Meet 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Meet in hospital. She see herself and telling her about you don’t have any right to be in Meet Ahlawat’s life, why don’t to go away from his life, he was happy to become father, he saw lot of dreams for his kid bit you break his dreams, you are not able to give him anything, tell me what you did to make him happy, you love him but your love have become nemesis for him, go away from his life leave him don’t be so selfish. Meet remembers Raj asking them not to leave eachother anytime. Meet says I know he must be hurt but in happiness everyone stay with you but if someone go away when you sad, they are considered as coward and I’m not a coward, this time he need me and I won’t go anywhere, I believe that I was unable to give him baby and we both lost our baby if he is in trouble then I’m too, I felt that baby inside me, what I have lost is uncountable I was also going to be mother and shouts at her imagination go from here.

Meet weeping says we promised eachother to stick together everytime, she says to her baby till the time you were inside me I kept good care of you and when you came out you choose god not me, I think god wants you more then me, stay happy with god. Nurse walks to her says there is a call for you. Meet take call and says hello. Manushi says hi my cute baby sister. Meet in shock ask how do you know I’m here. Manushi says you were going to become mother and I won’t be there is not possible. Meet says this means you did something to my kid tell me what you did. Manushi says hold on if you will ask so many questions then I won’t be able to answer buts listen one thing your kid is alive he is healthy baby boy and he is with me. Meet says you are lying my baby is in hospital dead. Manushi says so consider I’m playing game with you. Meet ask what kind of game. Manushi says kind of game in which only I’ll win, if you want your kid to see alive then do as I say.

Meet Ahlawat reach hospital and rush towards receptionist and ask about Meet’s room. Meet Ahlawat get’s excited to see his baby. He enters rooma dn looks for baby and calls Meet, he ask nurse where is Meet. She says she went for some test. Meet Ahlawat ask her about her baby. She says I’m sorry you had baby boy but he was dead. Meet Ahlawat says no this is not possible I have felt him. She says this is true he is no more and she leaves. Meet Ahlawat start crying for his baby and start talking about his kid to himself. Meet Ahlawat start shouting and calls Meet. Nurse walks to him says your wife is not here she is missing. Meet Ahlawat shouts at him says do you understand what are you saying. She says her all the test were done and after that she told us that she is going for washroom and will go back to room by her own so I left her but now we are unable to find her she is missing. Meet Ahlawat calls her she her phone is switched, he try again but no response, he says to himself I have to handle her and look for her.

Meet Ahlawat start looking for her outside. Raj show Meet’s photo and ask vendor if he has seen her. He says no. Tej also looking for her along with Hoshiyar and Ram.

Babita at home remember what nurse said to her about baby and Meet. She looks at Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s photo and says after all you decided to leave him forever so that he can start his life again. Everyone in hall. Raj and Ram walks to them. Raj says we cannot wait anymore for Meet, we have to do the further rituals for kid without Meet.

Meet Ahlawat in his room devisted, remembers his time with Meet and his baby boy. Tej walks to him. Meet Ahlawat hugs him and cry for his baby and Meet. Tej says nothing is wrong everyone is here don’t worry Meet will be back tomorrow by her own stay strong, he give him packet says hospital staff gave me, this is of Meet keep with you and if you need anything tell me I’ll be here. Meet Ahlawat takeout things from package and see Meet’s clothes, he start crying again and says please come back Meet I’m in so much pain, we have lost our baby but atleast come back. Meet Ahlawat see a pendrive and says does this pendrive have the reason of Meet going away. He plugs in pendrive and see a video of Meet says you must be looking for me but stop doing this because I have decided to go far away from you, after thinking so much I have decided that I won’t be able to forgive you for what you did to my love, you break my heart and trust and for that I won’t be able to forgive you and you should also forgive me and I think this is our destiny that’s why I’m breaking this relation and going away, nothing is left between us, good bye forever. Meet Ahlawat says you cannot punish me for one mistake it’s a big punishment.