Meet 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet get’s trapped in warehouse

Meet 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Meet tied with a rope to chair in a room. Manushi walks to her at seeing you it looks like you are stunned after seeing me, that’s how is a sister relation. Meet remembers talking to Manushi saying I won’t leave my Meet Ahlawat. Manushi says you don’t have any option, so don’t waste my time and do as I say, make a small video saying that I’m leaving you Meet Ahlawat and break his heart if you want to see your baby. Manushi remove tape feom her face. Meet shouts where is my baby. Manushi says don’t be angry it’s not good for your health and don’t worry your baby is safe because his aunt is taking care of him.

Manushi says you should rest you are weak. Meet says you want to take revenge. Manushi says right guess I’m impressed but it need some correction, yes I want to take revenge from both of you and my revenge will be successful only when I make you two apart and I know you both will not be able to live when you are apart and your kid is the only link between you two and I’ll make you both suffer the way you did to me. Manushi remembers how Meet revealed her true identity. Meet says you are angry on me so why are you bringing my baby in between, don’t trouble him please give me my baby and Ahlawats family is also related to that baby. Manushi says I know how important that baby is for Ahlawats, so you will go out if this country and leave everything here. Meet says I won’t go anywhere and leave my baby. Manushi says do you want your baby to suffer and says it’s raining outside what if I left the baby outside. Meet says I beg you, I’ll do as I say, I’ll leave this country but let me see my baby one time and I’ll do whatever you say. Manushi says fine I’ll do but after seeing your baby you will leave this country yes or no? Meet nods her head. Manushi says good, you know I was waiting to see you beg and now finally I can see you now get ready to go airport. Meet says I’ll do but first fulfill your promise now let me see my baby. Manushi says calm down you will see your baby as per promise and show her video of her baby. Meet says please let me meet by baby he needs me and talk to her baby says stay strong everything will be fine and says I want to meet him. Manushi says time is over now get ready or else you will miss your flight and remember do as I say, if you try to act smart no one would see your baby alive that’s my promise. Meet says I’ll do as you say but don’t hurt my baby. Manushi leaves. Meet thinks about Meet Ahlawats condition and pray for him and wish she would have forgiven him early to avoid all this, she think to get her phone and says someday you will get to know that whatever I did today if for our baby. Manushi walks to her says it’s time to leave.

Everyone in hall. Masum says this means Meet left you on purpose. Raj shouts says mind your language did you forget how to respect. Meet Ahlawat remembers the video. Raj says to him when I choose Meet for you, I know I have chosen a diamond, she is not a runner something is there.

Meet thinks I need to get the number which Manushi contacted to show me my baby so I can trace that numbers location and find my baby, I need to get that phone any how. Manushi says surprise and Kunal walks in. Meet untie her hands.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj she left me alone forever, you asked us not to leave eachother but she left me, never thought about me for a second because of her I’ll die daily now, it was just a small mistake and she ruined my life forever. Babita thinks about Meet.

Manushi says Kunal will drop you airport. Kunal says let’s go and don’t try to be oversmart or else I won’t leave you. He try to grab her but Meet push her and try to snatch his phone. Meet and Kunal start fighting. Kunal choke her. Manushi ask Meet to leave phone and Kunal to stop choking her. Meet thinks you cannot loose this is the only chance to reach my kid. Meet hit Kunal. Kunal throw ladder at Meet. Warehouse catches fire because of short circuit. Manushi ask Meet to give her hand. Kunal says it’s burning let’s go from here and take her away.

Meet Ahlawat in his room holding there photo and says we promised eachother not to leave, now you have left me so I break my evey promise and tear the photo. He grab every gift and burn them.

Meet lift the ladder she try to free her leg, she shouts Meet Ahlawats name. Kunal and Manushi see warehouse burning to ground.