Meet 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Meet observes a fast for Meet Ahlawat

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Manjari says to Manushi how can I get get married to Meet Ahlawat and ruin my life. Manushi says think ine more time it’s a profitable deal for you and explain her that after your act nobody will be ready to marry you. Manjari says this is all because of Popat and start crying. Manushi says listen it’s done and dusted you cannot change it for now marry him and afterwards leave him if you want and after divorce you can take money from him, I’ll handle your divorce don’t worry. Manjari says you are smart but I have some romantic dreams for my marriage. Manushi says dream can only be come true if you have money and after that you can do anything and be super star like me first question yourself what you want and after marriage you will get everything, just think about it. Manushi thinks how she will get money from Meet Ahlawat and hurt him to take her revenge. Meet thinks says your are star Manushi but still carrying same thoughts, now I have cleared my first path and soon will reach my kid.

Manushi ask Manjari about her thoughts. Manjari says your idea is great but there won’t be any issues right because I want to be a star. Manushi says don’t worry do as I say for now go and accept her marriage proposal before he change his mind. Manushi get’s call and she walk away. Manjari looks at Kheer and remember Manushi tell her about Kheer, she walks and try to greab kheer. Manushi calls her. Manjari get’s alert and start to pray. Manushi walks to her says you believe in god so don’t worry everything will be right. Meet pray to God.

Popat in market thinking about Manjari. Manjari walks to her. Popat ask what happen. Meet says she did as we thought. Popat says good and ask her what happen to you. Meet says I was so close to mom but was unable to meet her. Popat says you will meet them soon if you don’t believe come let’s bet. Meet see a girl crying. He brother says don’t cry we will get something to eat. Meet walks to children and give them food to eat. She bring water for them and clean there faces. Popat and Meet give them new clothes nad they walk away. Popat pray to god that Meet find her child soon.

Everyone in hall. Manjari says this decoration is so good. Isha walks to Babita says I have decided to keep fast for Teej today. Babita explain her the origin story of festival and tell why wife’s keep fast. Meet thinks along aith you all I have also kept fast for Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat looking at her thinks tonight I’ll bring your true face infront of everyone. Ragini walks to Ram says after so long our Isha is happy. Ram yes I can see that. Ragini ask did Barfi called. Ram says no. Ragini says I have called her twice will she come. Manjri asks Ram and Ragini is everything good. Ragini says yes Ram is just getting emotional for Isha. Manjri says so sweet, let me get you something to eat.

Isha asks Ragini, Deeps mom is coming right. Babita says to her offcourse she will, this is your first Tij before wedding and now come let me show you bangles I got you.
Ragini says to Ram, if Bafi Devi doesn’t come Isha will be heart broken.
Deep sees Barfi’s phone ringing and says Amma it must be Isha’s father. Barfi says remember one thing, patience is very important, phone keeps ringing.
Ram says to Ragini, I will try again. Barfi receives call and says this is your number, sorry I had deleted your number because we have nothing to do, Ram says we do, we are ready to accept your condition, on engagement we will gift you the Laxmiji Idol. Barfi says very good. Ram says can you please come with Shagun for Isha on Tij. Barfi says sure.

Meet Ahlawat asks Sunaina can Meet sit on this swing first, Tej says sure. Raj says to Babita look Meet has brought happiness back. Babita says yes and thinks what is cooking in Meet Ahlawat’s mind, first he proposed Manjri and now is in love.
Meet Ahlawat walks to Manjri and says sorry I had to call you Meet in front of my father and you think I am not calling by cheaters name but as my soulmate and look this swing I specially designed for you and I never did anything like this Meet because we never could connect this way and Manjri you are special and Meet was just like a monkey. Meet Ahlawat thinks, I will praise you so much and make you jealous that you will reveal the truth.

Manjri says to Meet Ahlawat no, Meet Ahlawat says don’t say no and break my heart, I like your talks, your anger, your food, I am used to you now and I thought I loved Meet but you came in and turned my life into happiness and feel like picking you and taking you to the swing.
Manjri says enough, look at me properly and I am no Manjri but Meet Hooda from Shahbad.

Pre cap: Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, thats what I am saying you are not Manjri but cheater Meet Hooda.