Meet 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manjari get’s close to Meet Ahlawat

Meet 27th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Meet Ahlawat says to Manjari you have changed my life I feel like pick you up and take you to swing. Manjari shouts enough and what did you said your wife was like monkey hear me carefully I’m not a copy of Manjari I’m Meet Hooda. Meet Ahlawat smile and says that’s what I’m saying you are Meet the one who I hate, he laughs and clap. Manjari ask what happen. Meet Ahlawat thinks this mean you are day dreaming. Manjari says you think it’s joke that I can’t sit on swing, it’s a big problem I applied mehendi see and won’t you ask who’s name I have put on.
Manjari show her hand and says I thought of making you happy. Meet Ahlawat thinks what happen why is she so shy. Manjari thinks what you thought you can make me jealous, I was actually but I already knew your truth…

…Babita ask Meet Ahlawat what are you doing, I know everything is fake don’t play with your emotions. Meet Ahlawat says I like her and want to marry her. Babita says you are lying I know everything because I’m your mom I know when you lie, I know you don’t talk to me but still I can sense everything, stop playing with her emotions and she walks away. Meet Ahlawat says she can fool everyone but not me, I know she is the Meet and she will accept everything infront of you all. Meet hear him talking and says to herself, everyone believe I’m Manjari but you are the one who didn’t accept me as Manjari and I feel more love for you because of this you know I have kept fast for you and oray to God that I get successful in my plan so that can tell everything to you…

Manjari says to him give me my answer and acts infront of her. Meet Ahlawat says very nice and start walking away. Manjari says you want me to sit on swing I’ll do but first you have to kiss me. Meet Ahlawat in shock says what. Manjari says yes and start singing infront of him and says I feel like dancing and ask him ti kiss her. Meet Ahlawat get’s scared says no. Manjari says okay kiss me on ky forehead and she gets close to him. Meet Ahlawat thinks she is going crazy but to make her realise I love Manjari I have to kiss her, he lean towards her. Meet thinks he is scared of kissing Manjari how will he marry her. Meet Ahlawat stops in between says I can’t. Manjari says okay then I’ll kiss your forehead she hold her. Meet Ahlawat says I have a meeting with American client he must be awake so ket me do that first and run away. Meet sits in swing and thinks about Meet Ahlawat.

Babita show necklace to Raj says I’m thinking of giving it to Isha it’s her first Teej festival. Ram and Ragini standing outside Ram’s room. Ram thinks of talking to Raj but they both start walking away. Raj see them and ask what happen. Ram says I want to talk something. Raj says come in and ask what happen. Ram says you should rest I’ll talk later. Raj says stop being formal and tell what happen. Ram says we made a place to keep new jewellery set because locker in our room is full Raginis jewellery so we don’t know where to keep. Raj says don’t worry keep in my bank locker it’s enough for us. Ram says okay I’ll keep everything in your locker. Raj says don’t worry and ask Babita to give him keys. Babita ask Ragini when will Barfi come. Ragini says I’m going downstairs I’ll go and check. Raj says I’ll aslo come. Babita says you should rest when Barfi will come I’ll ask her to meet you first before going.

Barfi reaches Ahlawat mansion and thinks everyone is in my hands except Manjari, I’ll plan something to kick her out of here. Deep and Barfi walks inside Mansion. Ram, Ragini and Isha see them walking inside. Everyone welcome them. Ragini says we were waiting for you fo so long. Isha go and touch her feets. Deep smile after seeing her. Barfi give her blessings and sit down.

Babita ask you got late there must be a lot of traffic. Dewp says yes hut I have to come to talk about new projects to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says yes why not come let’s talk and they both walk away. Barfi says talks to everyone and bring out the topic of Godess Lakshmi Idol. Meet listen and drop the glass of juice. Sunaina ask what do you mean about the promise of Lakshmi devi. Babita explain her she is talking about Isha as godess Lakshmi. Barfi says but every girl is not called Lakshmi just like your daughter and disrespect everyone Manjari.

Meet Ahlawat and Deep discussing about the plan for company, how they will make new team for the research of new drug. Deep says great idea and I want to be the member of new team, you can trust me and I have knowledge too about project. Meet Ahlawat says I also want you to be in team but this research will take around 2-3 months and will be done on remote location where you will cut off to every communication and you will be married so you should concentrate on your married life. Deep says but I want to be member of this team it can be life changing experience and don’t worry I’ll talk to Isha.

Ragini ask Isha to serve a plate for Barfi. Barfi says enough and start walking away, she thinks I have to do something today against Manjari so that she never come in my path. Barfi says I bought some sweets to give to poor people, pandit ji asked me to do but I forgot to give and insult Manjari calls her poor and wife on rent. Barfi calls Manjari. Manjari walks to her. Barfi on purpose wrongly take her name and offer her sweet. Meet thinks she don’t know about me Meet.

Anubha in her sleeping. Meet in Anubha’s feet crying and says I have to stay in character of Manjari till the time I don’t succeed in my plan. Manushi open door. Meet eating kheer in her room.