Meet 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Hooda decides to apologise to Anubha

Meet 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Barfi give sweet to Manjari to have it. Manjari says sorry sweets contain Khoya in it and I’m allergic to it. Barfi says no worries I’ll give you one without khoya. Manjari says no to that. Barfi insults her a lot and says she is again disrespecting me infront of you all like earlier and still you are not saying anything to her. Babita sa ays leave her if she don’t want to eat give someone else. Barfi says now where will I look for a new poor person and try to give her again. Manjari thinks I’ll break my fast by Meet Ahlawat’s hand only, she fall down and even the pack of sweet too. Everyone gets panicked. Babita calls Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat and Deep walk downstair. Meet Ahlawat pick her up and sprinkle water on her face. She wakes up. Babita says her head must be spining why don’t give her something sweet to eat. Meet Ahlawat guve her sweet she wakes up. Babita ask her how are you feeling. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll call doctor. Manjari says no it’s okay now I’m fine. Babita says good you had something sweet now you will have energy. Manjari thanks Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says now eat my sweet too. Manjari says your sweets are on floor so give someone poor who is already on floor and fron next time ask panditji what kind poor should eat your sweets and mocks her badly infront of everyone. Manjari walk away. Barfi says to everyone she has forgotten her value when she started living with you all, she ask Deep to go out and find someone poor outside to give him sweet and they both walk away.

Sunaina, Babita, Meet and Isha doing pooja. Babita says I’ll go and open my fast by having sweet with Raj’s hand. Meet thinks how will I take Meet Ahlawat’s blessing. Isha doing pooja on Video call.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat, she drops a flower says wait let me pick it up and she touches his feet to take his blessings. Meet Ahlawat walk away. Meet pray to God and says now I’ll plan something for Manushi just make sure she fall into it.

Manjari put badge infront of Manushi. Manushi get’s scared ask Manjari what are you doing here. Manjari says I’m here to give you your friendship badge because our friendship wont last long because I’m not going to marry Meet Ahlawat. Manushi start shouting at her. Manjari make sad face. Manushi ask her to sit and take deep breaths and ask her about her problem. Manjari says I have some personal problem and cant even tell you. Manushi says we are best friends and they share everything so please tell me. Manjari says Popat have no one in her life except me and uf I het married then she will be all alone that’s why I can marry. Manushi says so you are not ready because your Popat doesn’t want. Manjari says no she is excited for my marriage but I’m not that selfish that I’ll leave her alone, till the time she don’t get a baby I won’t marry him. Manushi ask what baby. Manjari says she want to adopt a baby so that she won’t be alone if I get married, a baby of an year old but it’s taking too long because of paper work and don’t know what all. Manushi says so you won’t marry until you don’t get a baby, you want to ruin your life because of that lady, Meet Ahlawat is a jackpot what’s wrong with you. Manjari says don’t say anything bad about her she is like my mother and I won’t marry without doing good for Popat and she start walking. Meet thinks I have kept my condition so because of greed you may return my kid. Manushi ask her to stop and says before saying no think one more time because Meet Ahlawat is lifetime opportunity for you not Popat so think about it.

Popat in her waiting for Meet and worried for her. Meet walks to her, she crying and hugs her. Popat ask what happen tell me something. Meet says I failed, I tried a lot but still I was unable to get answers from Manushi, God knows when will my sorrows end, this pain is increasing day by day, everytime I miss my baby it seems more long. Popat says have you seen a tree in storm, it stays strong even when its leaves and fruits fall off, and your efforts are just like it, you think you will loose everything but you have to stay strong and fight and I know you will get everything you have lost and you havw shown a lot of faith, just keep up with your efforts. Meet says to her I feel I have taken some wrong turn and I am stuck now, I have done something wrong I don’t know what and it seems like I am not going anywhere.

Meet sees kheer and says I remember what I have done, I have hurt my mother and she dies everyday to see me and prays for me just like I do, this is my biggest mistake. Popat says to her, its not your fault I have seen in your worst and that was your helplessness, until you find your child you can’t reveal yourself. Meet says you are right but I can meet my mother and apologies, I have to apologise to my mother only then I can find my way.

Meet leavezls, Meet Ahlawat sees her and calls Hoshiyar to meet him and says may be we are about to find the proof.

Pre cap: Meet Ahlawat sees Manjri near Hood house, Meet Ahlawat says this proves she is no Manjri but Meet Hooda.
Anubha asleep, Meet apologies to her and wats kheer. Manushi sees her.