Meet 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update Meet Ahlawat meets Manushi

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Meet Ahlawat and Meet get showered from flower petals. Meet looks at him says he is here too. She walk out of temple. Meet Ahlawat chase her, he crosses her path and stop her from moving. Meet says I have to save myself from him, she try to run but he holds her hand says stop acting I want to talk to you. Meet says let me go. He give her cold look. Meet says leave my hand you even break my matching bangle. He says you have to answer my questions, you left me alone so why are you back you have to answer my questions Meet Hooda. She says who Meet Hooda. Hoshiyar makes her painting. Lady says I’m not her you have some misunderstanding and she start walking away. Meet Ahlawat hold her chunri. She shouts help me. Everyone walks to her. She says look at him he is teasing me. A man says to Meet Ahlawat stop troubling her and to to punch him but he stop his hand. Other man ask him to leave and threatens him. Hoshiyar says let’s go from here everyone is looking at us. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t leave until I get my answers. Meet Ahlawat hold her hand and says to everyone she is my wufe and don’t want to accept in front of you. She says I’m not married and curse him. She remove her hand and says don’t trust him I’m not his wife. Man says it’s last warning or I’ll call police. Hoshiyar apologies to everyone and take Meet Ahlawat with him and says she is not same girl you are looking for and don’t worry we I have made her sketch. Meet Ahlawat says we will go her home to Shabaadh.

Meet Ahlawat at Anubhas house with her. Meet Ahlawat ask her about Dadi and everyone. Hoshiyar says ask her about her daughter too. Manushi at door with Kunal says I’m her daughter. Hoshiyar in shock. Kunal says to Manushi is he Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says to Anubha what are they doing here. Manushi says it’s my house and we both live here with mom and dadi because they are old and someone should be here to look after them. Meet Ahlawat says why didn’t you informed me about anything. Manushi says why are you angry on me I just ran from marriage but your wife left you alone. Anubha shouts at her and says enough. Meet Ahlawat says I should leave and start walking. Hoshiyar says atleast ask them where is second daughter. Meet Ahlawat walks out of house. Manushi says to herself it felt good after seeing hatred for Meet in his eyes, I thought I’ll punish her and see her being tortured but she died early in fire, but it felt good after giving him pain and says to Kunal let’s celebrate this. Kunal says that’s true but why did he come after so long did he know that his son. Manushi shush her and says shutup and don’t dare to speak again or else you won’t be able to speak.

Babita in hall. Tej on phone with Mehta. Babita thinking about Meet Ahlawat and both of them enter house. Duggu run to Hoshiyar and hugs him. Hoshiyar says to him nothing is better then hugging you I feel fresh. Tej ask about Meet. Meet says I saw her. Babita and says to Ragini I think the universe was waiting for him to look, we tried but still we were unable to find her, he might hate her but god wants them to be together. Hoshiyar asks kids to go inside and tells Babita we found Meet but she is look a like, because Meet had short hair but she had long hair, was wearing jewellery, her style walk was everything different. Meet Ahlawat says it was her and nothing can change the truth. Ragini says Hoshiyar is right she can bw look a like, because meet can change everything but not dressing up. Meet Ahlawat says liars and cheaters can go upto any height. Hoshiyar says but she is Gujarati and teaches kids and Meet Ahlawat tried to talk to her and she called everyone. Isha says but there is one similarity that she sings well. Hoshiyar says my men are at work, Meet Ahlawat says is it, that you are with her. Hoshiyar says I am spy and so I know details and you don’t trust me. Meet Ahlawat says your closed ones make fool of this trust and leaves. Isha says but I have a feeling she is my bhabhi. Sunaina says I don’t think so. Babita says there is only one way and that is to meet this girl and asks Hoshiyar to take them to her. Meey Ahlawat shouts no one will go to meet her.
Hoshiyar says lets go.

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