Meet 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manjari learns Ram and Ragin’s truth

Meet 30th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Ram and Ragini with Lakshmi idol in there hand. Meet see them and hide behind wall. Both of them cover it and go inside. Meet thinks I have to see where they are taking this idol. Ram and Ragini enter house. Meet enter behind them says I have never seen so much scared and why are they taking this idol.

Manushi in her room. Kunal try to talk to her. Manushi angry on her. Kunal says trust me I didn’t had kheer made by your mother, I swear on my dead mom. Manushi says stay away don’t touch me I know this because I saw you eating kheer. Kunal says you trust him more then me. Manushi says she is very special a golden opportunity for me to take 100 crore from them. Kunal in shock. Manushi says so whatever she will say I’ll believe on her not you. Kunal says for this much money I’ll also jot believe me and ask what is your plan. Manushi says just wait and watch. Kunal ask we will do 50-50. Manushi says for that you have to work too. Kunal says ofcourse I’m ready to do anything tell me. Manushi says use your contacts and try to arrange a baby for Manjari and do it fast we don’t have time. Kunal says if this the reason then why don’t we use this baby. Manushi says just do as I say don’t use shortcut. Kunal ask why not this one.

Ram and Ragini inside room with idol. Ram says thank god nobody saw us. Meet outside the room. Ragini says how bad we are, we stole idol and lie to Raj. Meet hear everything thinks what is happening and what are they hiding. Ram get’s call from Barfi. Barfi greet them and says I was going to bed so thought why don’t ask you first if we have to come for ceremony or not. Ram and Ragini says yes we did the arrengements. Barfi says I know I was just asking about me small wish. Ram show her idol and says here is your small wish. Meet remembers everything and thinks this mean now Ragini’s bangles are of Barfi this idol will be too. Barfi says okay I’ll come and remember I want gold and silver equivalent to Isha’s weight. Ram and Ragini says no worries everything will happen like you want. Manjari slips and get inside room by mistake. Barfi says see she is here. Manjari says what can I do because greedy people have not given be any choice and ask Ram and Ragini what is this, you are lying to whole family, even you gave your bengals and now idol. Barfi on call shouts at Ragini says I talk about marriage only to family members and she won’t listen at all, in reality she is unhappy because of your daughter’s happiness, she is rented wife. Ragini says to Barfi don’t worry I’ll handle it. Barfi says I’ll also see what you will choose your daughters happiness or her. Barfi says mind your language and disconnects call. Ragini and Ram says what is this. Manjari says if you think I’m wrong then we will go and tell everyone what is happening come let’s go. Ragini says stop I beg you please don’t say anything to anyone. Manjari says are you realising if I’ll be quite then what Isha have to pay, by accepting her conditions you are only going to ruin Isha’s life, already she was in bad relation earlier and I don’t want she go in that again and Ahlawat’s. Ram says enough who are you to tell us you are not even family member why should we listen to you. Manjari says okay Meet Ahlawat brought me here so will listen to me, I’ll go and tell him everything and she walk away. Ram says to Ragini go and stop her. Ram and Ragini follow her.

Manjari knocking on his door. Meet Ahlawat wakes up says who is knocking on door so late. Ragini says to Manjari wait I’ll explain you everything. Manjari says you try to understand, Isha is your daughter you love her so don’t throw her in trap of dowry, like this she will demand something your whole life and you both will be blackmailed for your whole life. Manjari shouts from outside opwn dooyneed to talk something important. Meet Ahlawat says wait. Ram says to Manjari don’t tell him anything or else I’ll tell Raj that you are Manjari not Meet. Meet Ahlawat get up. Ram says when he will know the truth he will throw you out. Meet Ahlawat open door and ask what happen and ask Manjari tell me what’s wrong. Meet Ahlawat ask Ram and Ragini is everything okay something wrong with Dad. Ram says he is okay and tell I ask her not to come infront of Barfi tomorrow because you two always clashes eachother, so she said that she will complaint you. Meet Ahlawat says to Manjari do as they are asking and I don’t want her marriage should ruin again. Manjari says I also want same, she looks at him and thinks I wish you understand, she walk away and thinks today situation has made me quiet but I swear I’ll save Isha. Ragini thinks thank god she was quite.

Popat says to Manjari thankgod you were quite or else Manjari would be out of this house tonight and your plan would have ruined. Meet says I have to talk to Meet Ahlawat but I don’t understand what should I do to make things right. Isha was already in trouble last time and don’t want to repeat that again, I don’t want her to be sad after her marriage. Popat says what about you, you are also in pain, you will loose if you try to save Isha, your kid is also waiting for you. Meet says I have to do something so that we get success in both things, I should tell everything to Meet Ahlawat, I think he will help me to save Isha because he loves her a lot he can handle situation, I have to talk in person. Popat says we have to be quick but how will you talk to her in alone. Meet says god will help in that but you have to handle Kunal when he takes you to adoption agency. Popat says don’t worry I’ll handle him. Meet thinks I have to save Isha tomorrow and pray to god to help her.

Next morning. Everyone busy with arrengements. Isha walks to Ram and Ragini. She hug them both. Meet Ahlawat calls Isha . Manjari brings tea for everyone and thinks I have to take Meet Ahlawat somewhere else to tell him truth. Manjari walk away from Ram and Ragini. Meet Ahlawat says to Isha I have to talk something important to you, Deep is my friend just like my brother and you are getting married to him so I have to call you bhabhi. Isha laugh at his joke. Meet thinks this is right time I’ll tell him everything, she walk to him. Babita walks in and ask did Raj told anyone where he is, he car and his driver is also not here and not even picking phone. Raj walks in with a surprise for Isha, he give her sweets. Ram says this sweet is from Natthu Halwai who’s shop open at 5 and every sweet is finished by 7 right so you were out from 5am from sweet. Raj says so what elders can do anything for there kid and says to Ram you are her papa but I’m big papa. Meet thinks I have to tell Meet Ahlawat that Ram and Ragini are giving dowry to Barfi.