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Meet 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Meet Ahlawat shouts at Manjiri and asks her why she called him by that name Doruram which Meet used to say. Manjiri gets scared seeing his anger. He demands answer from her and she shares that she lost his father four years ago and after meeting Raj she missed him a lot thus she got emotional. Meet Ahlawat says that was not his question but how come she knows the name Doruram?

Manjiri calls the kids of the house and says she got a note from those kids where Raj wrote about his pain that how much he misses his daughter in law and her husband Meet Ahlawat aka Doruram also misses her. Manjiri adds she came to know about the name from here only. Meet Ahlawat checks the name and and says she is just doing drama nothing else. Her emotions were real while she was near Raj.

Manjiri says she is not here to tolerate his anger but he broke his promise of not shouting at her. She doesn’t want to stay here anymore. Ram says Raj wants to eat some sweets after a long time. Babita says it means Manjiri’s arrival is the reason of this improvement in Raj’s health. Tej and others tell Meet Ahlawat to stop Manjiri from leaving as Raj needs her the most. Manjiri leaves in anger and Meet Ahlawat recalls Raj’s happiness. He goes to stop her saying he is sorry for his misbehaviour but he won’t repeat that again.

Manjiri says he must have been here to check if she has stolen something before leaving. She shows her luggage saying she is poor but not a thief. Meet Ahlawat tells her politely to stop but she says she doesn’t believe in his promise as he will again do the same. Manjiri doesn’t get convinced and Babita requests her saying her husband will die if Manjiri leaves. He wants to eat sweets after a long time and she is the one who can save her now.

Babita pleads Manjiri and the latter agrees for the sake of Raj. She says she didn’t stop because of Meet Ahlawat. Manushi calls Masoom to tell her about Meet’s lookalike Manjiri but Masoom lies to her that the network is bad so she can’t talk to her right now. Manushi worries thinking she has to inform Masoom about Manjiri anyhow. Kunal brings some posters of Manjiri.

Sunaina takes Manjiri and Popatrani to their room. Sunaina says now Manjiri should not leave the house until Raj recovers fully. Manjiri nods yes and Popatrani says but Manjiri will surely talk about leaving. Manjiri diverts the topic. Babita stops Meet Ahlawat by giving him swear and says she can understand his pain he feels seeing Meet’s lookalike but he is bearing all this for Raj only. Every father should get a son like him.

Babita gets disheartened and says he doesn’t consider her as his mother but she will always wish good for him. Meet Ahlawat tells Sunaina to teach Manjiri about Meet properly so that Raj doesnt get doubtful. Sunaina says she will do that and Meet Ahlawat thinks he can’t give false hopes to his family that Manjiri is Meet but before that he wants to see how long Meet can continue her acting.

Episode ends.