Meet 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manjari make tea for Raj

Meet 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Manjari cooking gujrati snacks in kitchen and dancing. Sunaina watching her says she cook so well how is that possible I should tell Babita.

Babita says to Ragini, Manjaris habit are same like Meet. Ragini says yes she atteched to everyone just like Meet, can I tell you one thing I feel like Manjari is Meet and I pray to god that this should be true, let’s take her to Anubha she will tell us about her. Babita says no she is already gurt because of meet and if we take her then she may have some false hope, first we should confirm then we will Anubha not before that. Ragini says you are right. Sunaina walks to them and says Manjari is cooking gujrati snacks in kitchen. Everyone walks toward kitchen. Meet Ahlawat says what happen where are you going. Sunaina tells him about Manjari and they walk away. Meet Ahlawat thinks she must be fooling them.

Everyone outside kitchen see her cooking and gets happy and excited at same time. Isha and Sunaina dance with her. Masum walks to them and ask what is going on. Sunaina says Manjari is cooking for us. Masum ask I doubt it something is wrong and she walks inside kitchen. Manjari says to Masum I know you must be here after smelling this, wait for sometime I’ll serve it to everyone. Masum go and check her apron. Manjari ask what are you looking for. Masum says looking for the packets of snack because it’s not possible for you to cook alone. Everyone says we have seen her she made it herself. Masum says impossible and not ready to believe. Manjari tell her about her talent and ask her to taste.

Manushi on call says what after a bug blas Meet is back. Masum says I’m also shock. Manushi ask does she know about hospital. Masum says I bribed everyone in hospital it’s impossible. Manushi says whats if she is Meet we have to act quick. Masum says she cannot be meet because she cooked really well snacks, I swear I never had so tasty gujrati snacks and nobody could learn this skill with perfection in one year, she has an art which Meet didn’t had. Manushi ask what has happen to you now yesterday you were like she is Meet now what happen. Masum says she suddenly came infront if me and now on second thought she is not Meet, she could be Manjari after all Meet ordered the food last time. Manushi says you have to be smart Masum I know her very well that could be disguise, she is already in house and gaining everyone confidence again, don’t underestimate her or we could loose our game. Masum ask what should we do now. Manushi says we need to know truth and I have an idea, she explains her everything. Masum says don’t worry I’ll do it and disconnects call.

Everyone in hall. Manjari serving snacks. Ragini praises her cooking. Popat tell everyone her snacks are famous in Baroda everyone come to eat in her locality. Meet Ahlawat walks downstairs. Ragini ask him to sit and have snacks. He says I’m not hungry. Isha ask him to try. Manjari ask him to have snacks. He refuses and leave. Popat says to Manjari he won’t eat I can bet on it. Manjari says okay we will bet double or nothing, I’ll give him jalebi infront of everyone. Ragini says don’t bet you will loose it’s not easy to convince him. Manjari start shouting and says let’s play a game to find out eho is smart in this house. Tej says to Meet Ahlawat atleast come for game. Meet Ahlawat says I’m already late for office. Manjari mocks him and ask him to go. Manjari explain the game to everyone and start wtit Isha. Isha give right answer and everyone applauds for her. Meet Ahlawat walks towards them. Manjari ask Babita next question she answers correctly. Manjari walks to Meet Ahlawat and ask him question. Manjari mocks him to answer question and put jalebi in his mouth. Everyone in shock. Meet Ahlawat says how dare you. Manjari tease him and says to Popat I win the bet. Everyone applauds for her. Meet Ahlawat walks away. Manjari says wait I’ll make tea for you all then you can have snacks with tea. Babita says this will be heavy for Raj but he love to have tea. Manjari says don’t worry I’ll get tea.

Meet Ahlawat outside talking on phone. He forgets his file so he walk in to get it. Isha says bhai is back. He says I forgot my file. Ragini says uf you are here so have something with us. He says I’m already late and you all enjoy. Meet Ahlawat thinks you cannot fool me in I know you are same. Masum says dad won’t be able to eat this snacks but I hope he love the tea. Meet Ahlawat says ask Masum where is Manjari. Masum says she went to dad’s room to give him tea. Meet Ahlawat says what if dad understand after having tea that she is not Meet I have to stop her and he rush towards Manjari.

Manjari outside room. He stops her and ask where are you going. She mocks him and says I’m going to give dad tea. He says first I’ll drink only then you can give him tea. Manjari says online two cups are left one for dad and one for me and I’m already tiered because of cooking so I won’t give you. He says I don’t care, first give me only then you can give him tea. Manjari enter room and guve tea to Raj. Raj says finally, you know I was waiting to have tea made by you. Manjari says I was also waiting to have tea with you. Meet Ahlawat says her behaviour is telling me that you are the same girl, I have to stop dad from drinking tea. Raj says I hope it’s same like before. They bot cheers. Meet Ahlawat walks in and interrupt him from drinking tea, say’s it’s urgent. Raj says I just woke up and you are asking me to work, I’ll do it first let me have a sip of special tea. Raj have a sip. Meet Ahlawat thinks don’t know how dad will react.