Meet 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Manushi and Masum plan against Manjari

Meet 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Raj says why does doctor give me medicines because my cure ia tea made by my daughter in law and praises Manjri. Meet Ahlawat thinks I know its her however she might act. Raj asks Manjri didn’t she give Meet Ahlawat tea, Meet Ahlawat says I am fine, Raj says have it you will have fresh day, and asks Manjri to share with him, you are husband and wife. Manjri gives tea in saucer to Meet Ahlawat, Raj says sharing increases love, and keep loving and being together all your life, like the way you shared tea, share your happiness and sorrows. Meet Ahlawat remembers having tea made by Meet during competition.

Manjri goes to Masum’s shooting location, and sees all the dresses and gets mesmerized. Manjri says wow Masum di, you are a producer I am so happy and don’t want to miss anything. Masum says I will show you many things come. shooting begins. Manjri starts dancing with dancers, Masum asks her not to, Masum gets a message and says come I will show you green room.
Manjri walks into green room, ( Manushi calls Masum and says we will trap Manjri in shoot location, if she finds way out she is Meet and if she dies who cares how does it matter)

Manushi and Kunal give Masum heads up. Manjri tells Masum she loved the green room and says when I go for garba stage shows we have makeup room but not this big, Masum says you wait here, I have some work I will be back. Manjri says no worries I will wait you will find me here only. Masum locks the door.
Manushi and Kunal pay a man.

Manjri in makeup room very happy. Kunal and Manushi go to Masum and all see Manjri through a cam. Manjri busy talking to himself and praises herself and how she is acting well in Ahlawat house, and starts acting as if she is receiving an award for playing Meet Hooda.

Manjri sees a short circuit and tries to leave room but finds door is locked. Masum says if she is Meet, she will use tool kit to fix the ac short circuit.
Manjri sees tool kit, she picks stool and tries to break the door. Masum says is drama still important for her, Manjri struggles and shouts for help and prays God to rescue her. Manjri starts feeling dizzy because of smoke. Manushi says K can’t believe this, she is crying. Masum says may be because she really is Manjri, we have to save her. Manushi says no she is waiting for us to melt and believe her. Meet Ahlawat reaches the location and sees smoke and asks who is inside. Manjri says it’s me save me. Meet Ahlawat shouts for help and asks people to find keys, Meet Ahlawat goes to another room and climbs on a corridor and gets on top of the roof and jumps inside Manjri’s roof, he picks Manjri. Masum and Manushi shocked to see Meet Ahlawat, they get scared.

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