Mera pyaar… Part 3 (Fight and irritation)

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Bani in come..he came out of jail? He..he was sent as lifetime prison them how come… anyways now he have kidnapped Shanaya to bring me there. I will go to the place where he asked but i won’t be weak to fell prey for him..

Bani goes to varsha and.. colleague friend Shanaya called me in Lake park so i will go and come in some hours.

Varsha:ok..but be careful while driving the car..

Bani:sure maa..

Bani drives the car towards the place where Daksh called her and she sees Daksh standing smiling and goes to him..

Bani:what the hell with you Daksh? First of are you out of jail?

Daksh laughs evilly..

Daksh: do you remember my twin saaransh?

Bani:yes i know..he is not bad like you..

Daksh:i escaped from jail and killed him and posted him as Daksh died in an accident and now iam living in the name of saaransh.

Bani gets shocked..

Bani:how cheap you are? I..i thought you just use girls as you did when we studied college but infact you are murderer too..

Daksh:yes..iam. now listen carefully..Shanaya is kept captive in somewhere far where no one can reach and if you want her to be released then you should do me a favour orelse she will be declared as suicide attempt by the police soon but the truth will be Daksh killed Shanaya.

Bani gets shocked and stumbles and she holds his collar..

Bani:how dare you Daksh? Do you think you can succeed in anything if you blackmail? I wont do any favours on you..and listen i will expose you soon and get you arrested.. wait and watch.

Daksh laughs evilly and shows shanaya through video call and he asks his men to beat Shanaya while bani shouts..

Bani: noooooo..

Daksh:do you want her dead body or do you want to save your colleague?

Bani:fine..tell me what should i do? But promise me that you will leave her if i fulfill your favour..

Daksh:i don’t have habit of promising but i promise for your sake..

Bani:then tell me what should i do?

Daksh: Drugs are been kept in my house and you have to bring it here within 2 days as there are many..

Bani gets shocked..

Bani: drugs? So you are doing that cheap work also huh? Chi..iam really ashamed to do this.

Daksh:if you are ashamed then lose your colleague  forever..

Bani:fine..i will bring but why can’t you yourself bring it here from your home?

Daksh: still police are suspecting me and investigating me regularly…iam acting as saaransh in front of them that’s why. I can’t go to my own house then they will suspect me to be Daksh. So iam living in saaransh’s house..

Bani:you cheap day you will get caught and that day i will be so happy..

Daksh laughs..

Daksh: lets see whether that day comes or not..first now go and do my favour.

Bani goes away angrily..

Later at night..


Naira and kartik comes inside the room after spending time with family and they feel awkward as they have to sleep on same room and they look each other..


Kartik: don’t worry..i know what you are thinking. Even i was thinking about that but now i have sleep on bed and i will sleep on couch.

Naira thinks and..

Naira:it’s good idea but don’t think yourself as sacrificing hero..


Naira:it’s your you sleep comfortable in your bed and i will sleep on the need to sacrifice everything for me.

Kartik: it’s not only my room.. though we are friends but we are couples ritually and legally so its your room too. And by the way i feel comfortable wherever i sleep so you sleep on the bed..

Naira: should only sleep on the bed.

Kartik: you think you can always win with your adamancy? Now you can’t..

Kartik immediately grabs the bedsheet and he lies on the couch shocking naira..


Kartik: you use your adamancy to win over me but this time i you don’t have any other go and sleep on the bed.

Naira gets angry and she starts pulling kartik from couch shocking him..

Kartik:oii..what are you doing? Leave me..

Naira:i wont until i push you away from the couch..

Kartik:you are an adamancy heroine..but whatever you do iam not going to get up. It’s better you go and sleep on the bed without wasting your energy..

She keeps on pulling but suddenly her leg gets twisted and she falls on kartik and both feels awkward and share an eyelock..

Naira breaks the eyelock and gets up immediately adjusting her dress..

Naira:iam sorry.. woh..

Suddenly kartik gets up and laughs and presses her nose funnily..

Kartik:that’s why god has told not to be adamant too much orelse he(/she may fall down soon like this..

Naira makes a face and presses his nose too making him red..

Naira: what do you think? Is that your dialogue or god’s? Whatever you tell or convince..iam just going to sleep on the couch.

Naira immediately lies on couch using that chance and kartik gets shocked while naira mimicks him..

Naira: now you can’t do anything..hahaha..

Kartik comes near her and..

Kartik: get up from here orelse..

Naira:orelse what? can’t do anything now..

Kartik gets irritated and he takes another pillow and lies on the floor..

Kartik: don’t think only you can be adamant even i can be..if you sleep on the couch then I’ll sleep on the floor..

Naira gets up making a face..

Naira:kartik..why are you doing this?you are troubling me too much..

Kartik:even you are troubling me too much..

Naira goes to the bed and she sits..

Naira:fine..i will sleep on bed and you sleep on couch.

Kartik smiles and goes to naira and pinches her cheeks cutely..

Kartik: that’s my friend..good girl.

Naira pokes finger and..

Naira:but don’t think that you won..i will make you sleep on the bed one day and i will sleep on couch..that day you have to obey me.

Kartik holds her finger and smiles..

Kartik: look like a dominating wife..

Naira:yes go and sleep peacefully as you won.

Naira lies on the bed covering the bedsheet from head to toe while kartik goes and lies on bed..

They both doesn’t get sleep and they dodge their phone and both sees their love on the wallpaper and gets sad..

Naira recalls her moments with arjun..

Kartik recalls his moments with niya..

Naira recalls their promise..


Naira:arjun.. promise me that you will never leave me in any circumstances.

Arjun holds her hands and smiles..

Arjun:i promise i will always hold your hand in every births..

They both smile and hug..


naira cries silently..

Kartik too imagines his promise with niya..


Kartik holds niya closer and..

Kartik:i love you niya..i love you so much..

Niya:then promise me that you will only love me in this world..

Kartik holds niya’s hands and..

Kartik:i swear i will love only you in every births..

Niya: don’t talk about any births.. let’s focus on this birth alone.

Kartik: fine..

Kartik hugs niya and they romance..


kartik’s eyes flows with tears..

Kartik in mind: never thought our dreams and promise will break..

Naira in mind:i never thought you will break our promise and ditch me..


At night someone calls Keerthi and she attends..


Naksh:sorry to disturb you.. actually your bracelet has been found in mandap and i called you but you gone away and so i called you to inform it that i have kept your bracelet.

Keerthi:ohh..yeah i was searching for it..thank you naksh. I will come and collect it tomorrow..


They cut the call and Keerthi turns and sees Aditya angrily staring her and gets scared..

Keerthi:ad..adi.. Aditya..

Aditya holds her angrily and shouts..

Aditya:you characterless dare you talk with men’s?

Keerthi cries..

Keerthi:but..but he..he is naksh childhood friend..

Aditya:i know but i told not to keep any friendship with men’s but you didn’t see what I’ll do.

Keerthi cries in fear..

Aditya takes the stick and he beats her while keerthi cries in pain and he pushes her to the floor..


Next day Mishti gets ready and goes out while Karishma stops her..

Karishma:today.. don’t roam with your college friends at evening because we should go to Goenka house for naira’s first pooja.


Mishti goes towards college and suddenly a car passes by and splashes dirty water on her and Mishti shouts..

Mishti:ohh..hello..who the hell are you? Can’t you drive opening your eyes?

The car doesn’t stops and it goes away while Mishti stands irritated..

Mishti in mind:what the hell with my fate? From naira di departure.. everything is happening only everyone in college will laugh at me..

She goes to college with irritation..


PROMO:- Naira is irritated. Mishti is punished. Veer doubts bani. Naksh questions Keerthi.