Mika Singh has finally gotten his ‘Vohti,’ know who is the lucky girl! | Television News

New Delhi: Bollywood’s top singer Mika Singh is in a search of his perfect life partner and Star Bharat’s show ‘Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti’ is helping him in every way possible. 

The singer has very simple requirements for his future bride, he has no fancy desires but very sober ones and one of the contestants has won his heart by fitting in most of the aspects. One of the contestants, Neet Mahal, who has also worked with Mika earlier has grabbed all his attention.

Millions of beauties across the country are making efforts to make Mika Singh their own and in the meantime, Neet Mahal has captivated the singer by making ‘kheer.’ Neet from Chandigarh has amazing cooking skills and through this, she has been able to impress Mika quite well. The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach and Neet has taken advantage of this formula. Fans are now going crazy as they are pretty happy with the match and cannot wait for their favourite singer to tie the knot.

The pair of Neet and Mika has been seen many times before. They have worked together and also been seen very close to each other in Mika’s Swayamvar. Mika also likes Neet and he has told this to her many times on National TV. 

Neet Mahal has worked with Mika Singh on many projects earlier, but to give her tough competition, Paras Chhabra’s roomy girlfriend has also been brought into this show. Some romantic pictures of Akansha and Mika have surfaced in the past too, after which speculations were being made that there is definitely a relationship between the two.


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