Mithai 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update

Mithai 16th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
The lawyer stops Sid in the court and says your Dadu sent a message that whatever happens today, you must listen silently. There will be a witness here but don’t say anything in front of that person. Sid asks why? The lawyer says I don’t know but he wants you to promise to remain silent. Mithai comes there and thinks I am sorry Sid. Girish comes to Sid and says I will get a good lawyer for you. Sid says I don’t need your help.

The court hearing starts, and the opponent’s lawyer says Sid should be punished. Sid’s lawyer says I have something to show, it will show that Sid is innocent. She calls Mithai as a witness. Sid looks on. The lawyer asks Mithai what she wants to say? Mithai is stressed and takes an oath that she will tell the truth only. Mithai thinks I am sorry God. Mithai tells the court that Sid lied about being in the shop at that time because.. he wanted to protect me. The judge asks what do you mean? Mithai says I’m ashamed to say this but the time when the poisoning incident happened, the night before Sid was with me. All are shocked. Mithai says he was with me and when we reached the shop, the poisoning incident had already happened. The lawyer asks where were you with Sid? Mithai says Sid and I went out of the house around 8 PM and we spent the night together in a hotel. She gives the hotel and room numbers also. All are shocked. Abha says she is shameless. Apeksha thinks how is this possible? The lawyer presents the hotel receipt. The flashback shows how Dadu got the fake receipts made.

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