Mithai 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid protects Mithai from an accident

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Mithai 1st August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Mithai thanks Apeksha for dancing with her, you are my husband’s best friend so thank you. Mithai goes and sits with Sid. Sid tells Mithai why did you dance when you can’t? Aditya comes there with a gift. Mithai tells Sid that he must be here to spy so we have to act like a couple. She tells Sid that he is looking handsome. Sid glares at her and says you are also looking handsome. Sid asks Apeksha for sweets and makes Mithai eat it with his hands. Sid goes to Adi. Adi congratulates him and says we can be friends. Sid says we were friends before. Girish asks why is he here? Dadu says he is here to congratulate only. Adi tells Sid that he can’t beat him in the business. He wishes him for his marriage and leaves after smirking at Karishma. Karishma smiles at him. Adi thinks I will destroy this family in a way they didn’t think of,

All guests start dancing in the ceremony. Gitika pulls Mithai to dance with them.

Karishma comes to Abha and asks what is she doing? Abha says I have to take my revenge, she takes a powder and leaves. Shubham sees that. Abha throws the powder on Mithai and it’s an itching powder. She starts scratching her body. Shubham tells Sid to help Mithai. Mithai is itching and her saree pallu is about to fall off but Sid takes a dupatta and covers her before anyone can see. All look on. Sid lifts Mithai and takes her from there. Everyone is confused. Dadu and Indu go behind them.

Dadu asks Sid what happened? Sid says someone threw itching powder on her. Mithai goes to take shower. Sid says I am sure who was behind this. He glares at Abha. Mithai calls Sid in the room. Sid says I know Abha was behind this attack, I will expose her. Mithai stops him and says they hate me and if you confront them then they will hate me more. Sid says so you want us to remain silent? They will keep attacking you. Mithai says if you expose her then this family will be broken more. She doesn’t let him leave. Sid says why are you stopping me? What do you even know about this family? They keep taunting you that you entered this house for your gain. You have to prove yourself but can you? I am challenging you to make a place for yourself in this house. Mithai says just wait, I will become someone important soon. You live in this house but you don’t understand the meaning of a family. Whatever happened was with me so you don’t need to confront anyone for me. She leaves from there. Sid looks on.

In the morning, Apeksha comes to meet Sid and her foot has a sprain. She says it’s my birthday today but you forgot. Sid says I am sorry, he hugs her and says happy birthday. Apeksha says I am throwing a party so you have to come. Sid says I am not in a good state of mind. Apeksha says I will cancel it then. Sid says no need, I will come there. Apeksha says you can bring your wife there, everyone will ask you about her so you can bring her. Sid nods. Apeksha smirks and leaves from there. Apeksha calls someone and says things will go as per the plan.

Sid comes to Mithai and says you have to get ready for Apeksha’s birthday party. Mithai says she is your friend so you can go. Sid grabs her and pulls her to him, he says she invited you nicely so you can go there for some time. Mithai says I will be ready. She leaves from there.

Mithai is getting ready. Dadi comes there and says you have to get ready nicely. Mithai says I don’t know how to do makeup. Dadi says I will help you. Dadi helps her in getting ready.

Sid is waiting for Mithai. She comes downstairs, Sid is surprised to see her. Mithai says what happened? Aren’t we getting late? Let’s go.

Apeksha is receiving guests at the party. She calls Sid but he doesn’t pick up. Mithai arrives there alone. Apeksha looks around for Sid. Mithai says my husband is with me. Sid comes there and hugs Apeksha. Mithai looks on. Apeksha says Mithai must have gotten late. Sid gives her a boquet. Apeksha says I am sure you must have selected these. Sid says actually Mithai chose them. Apeksha gives it to Mithai and says I think I have an allergy. Apeksha takes Sid from there. Mithai thinks she must have called me to show off.

The episode ends.