Mithai 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Mithai exposes Girish and Shubham’s plan

Mithai 1st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Abha tells the family that we have to bow down to Girish’s decision all the time. Dadu says enough, I have already solved Kirti and Karishma’s problem. He asks Mithai why she wants to marry now? Mithai says I had to face a lot of problems in the future so I need a husband to do my business. Dadu says what are you saying? Dadi says Mithai you know that it’s not good for you to marry in this family. Mithai says you should ask about this with Shubham. Indu says this family has loved you a lot but they never accepted you fully. Mithai says you always pray for me to settle down so when it’s happening then why are you not happy? Indu says I don’t know this is to be happy about. Abha says this girl doesn’t let anyone live happily, why Shubham want her? Shubham says I love her that’s why I want to marry her. Mithai says yes, he confessed his love to me yesterday, I didn’t understand it before but now I do. Girish says they both agree then why not? Let’s get them married. Sid says Girish was behind all the problems today and you are agreeing with him? Do you have any self-respect? Mithai says I want respect first. Sid says I don’t understand all this, it’s useless to talk to you. Mithai says you were convincing me to marry him before. Shubham says I am elated that she agreed. Dadi says this is not a game. Dadu asks Mithai to think and decide for once. Mithai says Girish must have thought about it so I can’t say no. Girish says Shubham and Mithai are made for each other so they should get married. Mithai says then we will get married right now. God is here so just let’s get married. Dadu says how? Mithai holds his hand and says we just need God as a witness, she gives him a hint that she is playing. Dadu catches on and says she is right, let’s get Shubham and Mithai married right now. He whispers to Dadi to trust Mithai. Girish says we should get them married in a grand way. Mithai says I don’t have money for that, I just want to get married in the mandir right now. Dadu says I don’t mind that. Mithai holds Shubham’s hand and says let’s go. He will apply sindoor to me now. Shubham gets scared. Sid asks Dadu what’s happening? Dadu says just follow Mithai, God will help her.

Scene 2
Mithai brings everyone to the mandir in the house. Girish whispers to Shubham to tell her you to want to marry her with all the rituals. Mithai takes the sindoor box and asks Shubham to apply it to her. You wanted to give me a new identity so do it. Dadu says this is right. Sid says I don’t mind anymore. Shubham looks on. Mithai asks him why is he waiting? Shubham takes sindoor and is about to apply it to Mithai but Girish stops him and shouts to stop this drama. He says a jalebi seller will become my daughter-in-law? This marriage was never going to happen, I just wanted Shubham to leave her alone in the mandap to make her payback for insulting me. Shubham says, papa.. Girish shouts to not call me papa. Sid says Girish is like that but Shubham also became part of this plan? Dadu says Girish you have disappointed me. Mithai tells Girish that I heard you and Shubham talking yesterday. I saw Shubham’s helplessness and I wouldn’t have said anything but things were dragged. Mithai says sorry to Dadu for exposing his family like this. Sid tells Shubham I didn’t expect this from you. Mithai tells Indu I wanted to tell you that we can live with our heads up without losing our self-respect. Indu says you are right. Mithai says my self-respect is more important than anything else. She takes Indu from there. Girish tries to talk to Dadu but he shouts at him to stop it, you just want to kill me. Girish says she shouldn’t be forgiven for what she did with Kirti and Rohan. Dadu says can’t you all understand that Rohan and Kirti love each other. Shubham says Dadu I… Dadu slaps him hard and sadly sits down. He says no one will say anything. Girish shouts why not? Why is this girl here? She doesn’t have any standard but she has more importance in the house than this family. Mithai is hurt hearing all that.

The episode ends.