Mithai 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid confronts Mithai about her intentions

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Mithai 20th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Sid tells Shubham that Mithai has gone mad, I was not with her. Shubham says I am feeling guilty, Mithai is trying to save you. I got Kishore’s address but I couldn’t meet him. Sid says he is the only one who can tell me the truth. Shubham says I will give you his address. Sid thinks why did Kishore lie in the court? he recalls everything and thinks only Mithai and Shubham tried to save me. I am sure Mithai didn’t do anything. Apeksha comes there and says I have made soup for you. Sid says to put it down. She says I just want you to be proven innocent. I could have lied that we were in the hotel room together and everyone would have accepted it. Sid says don’t even think about it. Sid gets a call and leaves. Apeksha is sad so Girish comes there and says don’t worry, I will get you married to Sid soon.

Mithai is sitting alone and says even Sid didn’t understand my intention. I have to prove him innocent, I will go to jail for 1-2 years but I am just worried about my mother. I trust Dadu and Sid. God will take care of my mother. Mithai comes out of the house and hears people taunting her. They say she wanted money so she slept with a rich man? Mithai gets angry and says you people should be ashamed. The person says you are shameless. Sid comes there and grabs the man. Mithai takes him away.

Indu comes to Dadu and Dadi. She says I don’t know what to do, Mithai is not listening to me. What will happen to her? Why did she take the blame on herself? Please do something and save my Mithai. She tells Dadu that you have done a lot for us but we should have left long ago. Dadu says I am sorry and I will talk to Mithai, God will show us the path. If God wants then Aarti’s promise will be fulfilled.

Mithai tells Sid to not follow her, she is not running away. Sid says why did you lie in court? I know you didn’t do anything. Do you want money? How much do you need? Mithai says you know what I want? I want Dadu’s happiness only, can you give me that? If you can’t then leave me alone. She starts to leave but Sid says I will go and meet Kishore. Mithai says I already met him, I will take you there. Sid takes her cycle and Mithai sits behind him. Sid starts cycling and they go away.

Pramod tells Girish and Abhishek that we did a mistake. Girish says I can’t trust you anymore. Abhishek says we should think to save Sid. Girish says I will get him married to Apeksha and she will grab everything from him and then I will get the business back.

Sid and Mithai arrive at Kishore’s house. A person says he already left from here. Sid asks what did she find when she came here before? Mithai says nothing, why should I tell you what I want to do? You should thinks why only you were arrested and now Girish or Dadu? Sid looks on.

The episode ends.