Mithai 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Girish requests Mithai to stay back

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Mithai 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Mithai tells the family that she is sorry if she has hurt someone, I want to leave with sweet memories here. Mithai tells Sid that I have just one request to not leave this family, please stay if not for anyone then for Dadu. She brings her luggage and tells Indu to get ready. Dadu says someone stops her. Mithai starts to leave with her mother but Girish stops her. He says how can you leave? If Shubham’s wedding doesn’t happen then our family will be insulted. He requests Indu and Mithai to stay. He tells the family that I am sorry if Mithai has hurt anyone because she is my would-be daughter-in-law. All are shocked. Girish says I never accepted Shubham as my son but I am ready to accept him as my son now. Shubham is elated to hear that. Girish says Shubham has respect for me, he never judged me for my deeds. I had a daughter who couldn’t bless at her wedding and I have a son who wants to leave us soon. My kids have gone away from me. He says I want to announce that I am giving Shubham the right to do my last rituals after my death. Sid looks on. Girish leaves. Dadu tells Indu to stay back. Mithai nods. Dadu blesses her. Abha angrily leaves.

Abha comes to her room and says to Abhishek that Girish went against me. I won’t lose like this. I will not let Mithai become part of this family, I will make her cry every day.

Sid comes to his room and says it’s good that Girish accepted Shubham but how? It doesn’t matter. He looks at Aarti’s photo and says he respected your wish so I know you are happy.

Shubham sits at Girish’s feet and says I am so happy that you have accepted me, I don’t need anything else in life. Girish says should I hope that you will do as I say? Shubham nods. Girish says you remember what you have to do? You will do all the wedding rituals with Mithai but just before the marriage, you will leave her alone in the mandap in front of everyone. I want to see her breaking down in the mandap alone. Shubham says if you wanted to throw her out then why did you stop her today? Girish says if she had left today then she would have won against me, she took away my right to bless my daughter at her wedding. I want her to stand in the wedding mandap alone and cry like a broken person. She will go from this house but after losing her self-respect. Shubham says you have given respect as a son so just trust me, I will do as you say. Girish nods.

Scene 2
In the morning, Dadu tells Dadi that I knew Mithai will win over everyone. Mithai has been a blessing for us. Karishma comes there and sees wedding decorations going on, she thinks Mithai is more important to them. Shaurya comes to Dadu and says I was miffed before but if you need my help in the wedding then let me. Dadu tells Dadi that I told you Mithai will reunite this family. Even Girish has accepted Shubham. It’s like Aarti is back in this house like she has blessed Mithai, I wish we could give something of Aarti to Mithai as a wedding gift. Sid comes there. Dadi says Sid has all memories of Aarti but he is angry at Mithai so he will never give anything of Aarti to Mithai as a shagun. Sid comes to them and asks them to come to his room.

Dadu and Dadi come to Sid’s room. He is sadly looking at Aarti’s photo. Dadu asks what happened? Sid gives his cupboard’s keys to him and says take anything you want. Dadi says Aarti’s memories are there? Sid says give anything you want to Mithai as Maa’s blessings. Dadi checks the cupboard and takes Aarti’s saree. Dadi says Mithai will look good in this. Sid says Aarti will be happy. Dadu asks if his doubts are clear against Mithai? Sid says I am still unsure about Mithai, I am doing this for my mom and not for her. Dadi says I will gift this to Mithai to wear in mehndi.

Karishma tells Abha that nobody cares about her pain. Abha is making mehndi for Mithai and says don’t worry, just see what happens when mehndi is applied to her.

The episode ends.