Mithai 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Shaurya tries to poison Mithai’s mehndi

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Mithai 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Abha shows the poison bottle to Karishma and says I will mix it in Mithai’s mehndi, her dreams will burn in this mehndi. Shaurya says why did you ask me to become a part of Mithai’s marriage? Abha says you will keep giving us updates, she gives him Mithai’s mehndi and asks him to make sure Mithai uses this.

Indu prays for Mithai and asks her to not get into any trouble till the wedding. Dadu and Dadi come there. Dadi says this is Aarti’s saree, if you wear it today then it will be like her blessing. Dadu says Sid agreed to give it as a gift to Mithai.

Shubham asks Girish to come to his mehndi, nobody should doubt your intentions. Girish asks if he will flip on Girish and get married to Mithai? Shubham says how can you say that? I was always an orphan, I just got my dad so I will fulfill my promise to you. Girish nods.

Dadi and Gitika put Mithai’s mehndi in the mandir and leave.

Mithai gets ready in a saree for her mehndi. Dadu praises her, Mithai thanks him for being like a father figure to her. Dadu says you are like my daughter. Dadi says don’t cry otherwise you will spoil my make-up. Mithai laughs and thinks I never wanted to marry like this but I can do anything for Dadu and Maa. She says I will call others.

Apeksha asks Sid where is his mind? Sid says Mithai will get married in this house so I am worried. Apeksha says you are getting too involved in the house. Sid says things are changing in this family and I am worried about Dadu’s health. Mithai comes there, Sid is surprised to see her in Aarti’s saree. Apeksha asks her to leave. Mithai says I just came here to tell Sid that Dadu is calling him. Sid says I am not interested in this marriage so go away. Mithai says you still have a problem with me? You gave your mother’s dress to me. Sid says I gave it because Dadu wanted it. Dadu comes there and asks Sid to come downstairs, he says okay. Dadu calls Girish and Shubham too.

Shaurya hides poisoned mehndi and tries to go to the mandir but Mithai stops him. She thanks him for coming in her mehndi, and he nods. Shaurya goes to the mandir and is changing the mehndi bowl but Gitika comes there. He quickly changes the bowl and hides. Gitika takes poisoned mehndi from there.

Mithai sits down in her mehndi function, and Gitika brings poisoned mehndi there. Gunjan arrives there with her family. Rohan and Kirti are there too. Mithai hugs Kirti and thanks her for coming. Kirti says you have done a lot for us so we had to come. Kirti asks Shubham if he is happy? Congratulations. Shubham rudely says I am fine. Karishma comes to the balcony and glares at Kirti. Sid and Apeksha come there too. Kirti touches Girish’s feet but he moves away. Kirti is hurt.

The episode ends.