Mithai 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid is conflicted about his marriage with Mithai

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Mithai 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Dadu prays for Sid and Mithai to have a proper relationship. Mithai and Sid pray in the mandir. Mithai falls down so Sid helps her in getting up and is irritated. They take Dadi’s blessings. Indu blesses them to always be together.

Dadu brings Sid and Mithai to the family. Girish tells Sid that whether you accept or not but I am your father, you got married without telling me but won’t you even take my blessings? Dadu says he is your elder so take his blessings. Sid takes Abhishek and Abha’s blessings with Mithai. He goes to Girish and takes his blessings. Girish reluctantly blesses them. Girish says when did this love story start? He asks when did you start an affair with him? Abha says she is shameless to even accept it in court. Mithai folds her hands. Girish says you are an owner of the business now, we should bow down to you now. Abha says she will own everything now. The truth will come out as the judge is keeping an eye on them. Girish shouts as if they are pretending to be married. Shubham was forced on me but I won’t let Dadu force Mithai on us. Mithai says I would have answered you but I am the daughter-in-law of this now so I can’t insult my family. I am a wife and a daughter-in-law now. Abha asks Sid to tell them the truth. Sid says I don’t need to answer you, people, you can think what you want to. He lifts Mithai in his arms and says this marriage was done, Mithai and I are husband and wife whether you like it or not so I am taking my wife to my room. He takes her from there. Mithai is surprised.

Sid brings Mithai to his room which is decorated. They both fall down. Sid says stupid. He starts throwing flowers away from the bed, Mithai looks on. Sid takes the pillow and is about to leave the room but Mithai holds his hand. Sid looks at her and they both lie down on the bed, Sid is about to kiss her… it all turns out to be Apeksha’s dream. She says I can’t let Mithai take him from me. She calls Sid, he says I can’t think of anything right now. Apeksha says you can come here, I know you must be feeling suffocated. I will arrange a room for you. Sid says okay I am coming there, he ends the call.

Dadu comes to Sid and says I know you are stressed, he gives him tea and asks him to calm down. Sid says you should understand, how will I live this lie now? Dadu says God got you married to Mithai. Sid says I don’t accept this marriage. Dadu says if the family knows the truth then we will go to jail. If you leave Mithai today and go to Apeksha’s house then everyone will start doubting this relationship and they will insult Mithai more. Abha comes there and says today is the first night and he is away from Mithai? Sid says I came to take tea for Mithai. He leaves from there. Sid turns off his phone.

Apeksha is waiting for Sid and calls him but his phone is off. Apeksha cries and says Sid is mine, he can’t cheat on me. Why didn’t he come? She weeps alone.

Sid is outside the room. Dadi asks him to go inside. She asks Mithai and Sid to take a rest, she closes their door and leaves. Mithai and Sid are awkward. Sid sits on the bed and finds Mithai’s necklace there, he glares at her. Mithai is scared and looks away.

The episode ends.