Mithai 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid decides to keep the property in his name only

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Mithai 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Mithai comes to the mandir and finds Sid sitting there alone. She talks to the Lord and reads the news about people fighting over property. Sid says stop provoking me. he breaks a glass and hurts his foot. He tries to leave but Mithai stops him. She cleans his wound and says money is a root cause of everything, what if you remove that from the equation? what if the owner doesn’t give any share? Sid gets an idea. Mithai says but you don’t have time as you want to go to Singapore. Sid leaves from there. Mithai prays for Sid to do the right thing.

Sid comes to the family. Girish shouts at him to decide on the division of the shares. Abhishek says I want my share too, I know you will be fair. Sid says you all want money right? He tears the will and throws it in the air while all look on. Mithai smiles. Girish says what is all this? Sid says you have made fun of this family. If money is a problem then I have decided to not give any shares, I will not sell anything. Girish says you never took interest in the business but now you want everything in your hand? Sid says yes, everything is in my name so I will decide about the business and everything from now on. He asks Girish to give the shop keys to him. Girish glares at him and gives up the keys. Girish says this girl won’t go to the shop. Sid says I will decide that now. He leaves from there. Dadu whispers to Mithai that Sid has silenced them today. He won my heart today. Mithai says I told you to just wait and watch.

Scene 2
Sid comes to his room and looks at Aarti’s photo. He says why did you leave me alone? I won’t let them get any money easily, I will do as you want.

Sid is working out and recalls his childhood, how Girish used to insult Aarti and how she died. He recalls the family issues and Mithai entering their lives. He recalls Girish’s hatred and his greed for property. Mithai comes there and mistakenly drops something. Sid shouts at her to leave his room. Mithai says I am sorry, she mistakenly drops a water bottle on him. Sid drags her out of his room and says I don’t want to talk to you, you are bad luck. Mithai says you are bad luck with your attitude like this. Sid closes the door on her face.

In the morning, Dadu asks Mithai why does she look angry? Mithai says I tried to talk to Sid but he didn’t hear me out. I made jalebis in anger. Dadu says you have cooked a lot. Mithai says I will try to sell it. Sid doesn’t want to talk to me so how will I know what he is thinking? Dadu says I don’t know what Sid will decide about my shop. Mithai says I won’t let anything happen to your shop. Dadu says that shop was my dream. Mithai says I just have to think about how to convince Sid to let you open the shop again. Mithai’s friend Poorva comes there. Mithai says she lost her job as a worker in a sweet shop so I called her to help me as my hand is broken. Dadu says I respect you more day by day. Poorva says I will work hard with Mithai. Mithai loads her cycle with sweets.

Sid comes to meet Aditya and Agarwal. He says I have a business proposal. Agarwal asks what kind? Sid says Hari Mohan sweets business. Agarwal is shocked.

The episode ends.