Mithai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid plans to sell the business to Agarwal

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Mithai 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Sid comes to meet Agarwal and says I want to talk about my family business. Agarwal says but you were never interested in it and I have heard that your father is asking for a share. Sid says just talk business with me, I own the complete business shares. Agarwal says really? Girish takes of the business? Sid says Dadu had put the business in my name. Adi says we wouldn’t know that. Sid says you kept trying to become a no. 1 business but we never let it happen so I am ready to sell Hari Mohan sweets to you. Agarwal says you are joking right? Sid says I am not, I want to sell all the shops of Hari Mohan sweets as the owner. Tell me if you are interested otherwise, I will talk to another buyer. Agarwal says what will be your rate? Sid says I would want 21 crores to sell it. Agarwal says I can offer 15 crores. Sid says I am not interested then. Agarwal says how do I believe that you own the business? Sid says you can ask your lawyer to check my papers. Agarwal says deal. Sid leaves from there. Agarwal says I am not buying this. Adi says we will find out if this is a trap or not.

Mithai comes to the market. She is selling sweets on her cycle. One buyer says my family likes your sweets so can you come to my house and sell there? Mithai says I will come there. He gives her some money and his address. Mithai sells her sweets to other people. She goes to the address and sells all her sweets.

Pramod gets a call and says what? Are you sure? He ends the call and shouts for the family to come. He tells everyone that Sid went to meet Agarwal, and he proposed for them to buy our business. Girish says he wants to sell this business which we worked hard on. Abhishek says he is dealing with our enemies. Girish says I won’t let him do it. Abha says you can’t do anything, he is Sid and not Shubham who you can manipulate. Shubham is hurt and says I was an orphan and will remain so. Sid arrives there so Girish confronts him and asks what did he do? Are you going to sell our honor, our hard work, our business to our enemy? Sid says whose hard work? I am the owner so I will decide what to do. Abhishek says you should take your family’s advice at least. Sid says you people are fighting like kids so I can’t take your advice. Dadu says what’s going on? Sid says just calm down. Mithai comes there. Sid says it’s good that you are here too. You all are eyeing the business for your own gains. He tells Dadu says that these people have forgotten that you created this business from zero, they just want a piece of it. He says this business is the main problem so I will sell it to Agarwal and I will give all the money to Dadu. I will keep power of attorney in my name so nobody would be able to take a single penny without my permission. Abha says just make us beggars. Sid says you people can start a new business on your own. Girish says you think we didn’t work hard for this business? Sid says Dadu started this business from scratch so I will give everything back to him. Abhishek says we gave up our lives for this business but we won’t get anything. Sid says you all are hard-working so start thinking about your lives. Karishma will be married grandly and Shaurya’s education will continue but you all have to think about starting your own businesses. He leaves. Dadi tells Dadu that Sid is breaking this family more. Mithai looks on.

Mithai tells Indu that this business is Dadu’s dream, how can he break his dream?

Abha and Abhishek are angry with Sid. Abha says he never cared about relationships, he will sell everything and go away.

Dadu comes to Sid and asks what is he doing? you know what this business means to me. He shows his first earnings and his photos in the shop. He says you are going to sell my honor, my dream and my passion? Sid says I know you are feeling hurt but this family has forgotten values, they just care about shares so we should sell it. If you have to choose between business and family then what would you choose? They all care about shares only and I can’t allow them to drag you to the court, he leaves from there. Mithai comes there and tells Dadu that he doesn’t understand your pain. I will make him see it, just trust me.

Mithai comes to Agarwal and Adi’s office. Adi says you here? you declined our proposal before. Mithai says I did a mistake, I was with Dadu as a loyalist but I can’t be with them anymore as I got to know Sid wants to sell the business to you. I came here after hearing that to warn you. Adi says why? what warning? Mithai says do the deal in front of the whole family.

The episode ends.