Mithai 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update

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Mithai 8th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Mithai tells Agarwal and Aditya that you should do the deal in front of the family as you shouldn’t trust anyone. She says I want to request something, Sid took the shop from me so if you allow me in one shop then I will share the profits. Adi says how can we trust you? Mithai makes them eat her jalebi. Agarwal says this should be sold in the shops only. Mithai says but Sid doesn’t understand the taste, he is selling you the business in a hush manner but if he had been buying your business then he would have told every soul in the city. He doesn’t even want his family to like you both. Agarwal recalls Girish’s words and how he used to insult them in front of everyone. Agarwal says they kept insulting us in front of everyone so why should we be silent when they are getting insulted? We will do the deal in front of their family and see Girish’s ego breaking too. Mithai thinks I hope Sid would change his mind when he sees his family getting insulted.

Girish shows the papers to Apeksha’s mom and says it’s clear that Sid is the owner of the business. She says there is one thing that can help you. If Sid marries Apeksha then she will own 50% of the shares, you just have to convince him to marry her. Girish says that’s a great idea.

Agarwal calls Sid and says I have a wish that we all should do the deal in Pansiwat. Sid says okay. Agarwal asks if his family knows about the deal? Sid says I own the property and the business so no worries. I will call my lawyer too. Sid ends the call. Agarwal says I want to see Girish’s ego breaking.

Girish comes back home. Shubham says I have good news, the bank is ready to give us a loan. We can open a shop together. Girish says I give loans to others and you are thinking like this? Shubham says Sid said to start a new business, I am with you so we can start again. Girish says I don’t need your help, I am not that cheap so just leave. Shubham leaves.

Sid comes to his room and finds some sweet boxes lying on the floor. Mithai comes there and says you have thrown everything away like this and moved on. Sid says you put them here? these boxes have Dadu’s name on them. Mithai says you felt bad? Think about how Dadu felt when you did a deal of his name. Sid says I did what I think was right. Mithai says you are like Girish only. Sid says we are totally different. Mithai says you both feel angry that I sell my sweets on the cycle but I work hard and I understand the value of this dream. Can’t you see Dadu’s pain? Girish locked one of his shops but you are locking all his shops, you can’t reunite this family and you can’t make Dadu happy. She leaves. Sid looks on.

Mithai comes to Dadu and says I tried to rile Sid up today so maybe he will realize that he is doing the wrong thing.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sid calls his lawyer and is about to sign the papers. All family members are there. Girish says please think before doing this, we have all worked hard on this business. Abhishek says he is right, we have worked day and night for this. Dadi says I even used to help Dadu to sell the sweets. Abha says this business was our honor. Dadi asks Sid to at least listen to her. Dadu tells Dadi to let it be, and let him sell it. Agarwal and Aditya come there. Adi shows the new logo to them and says we will rebrand your shops with our name on it. Dadu wipes his tears seeing that. Sid looks on. Mithai prays for Sid to see that he is wrong. Adi presents them a cake and says you will all have free time from now on. Agarwal tells Sid let’s sign the deal, you are smarter than your father. Adi tells Sid that I have been doing the business for years, I have made new sweets that I want your family to taste. He offers the sweets to them but they all look away. Girish tells Sid that see how many insults we have to bear, at least think about Dadu. Mithai tells Sid that these people are insulting your family in your own house, look at your family’s faces. Don’t let the wrong people take over your Dadu’s business. Agarwal asks Sid to sign the papers. Sid says stop this drama, I was doing a business with you but you insulted my family. I have decided that I won’t sell the shops. All look on.
The episode ends.