Mithai 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid takes up a challenge to expand Dadu’s business

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Mithai 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Scene 1
Sid tells Agarwal that he has decided, he will not sell any shop to him. Agarwal is shocked. Girish says you have heard him, get lost. Agarwal says why did you call us here then? Sid says I called you for a business deal but you are more interested in insulting the family so the deal is canceled. Agarwal says I won’t spare you people. Girish says Sid told you so leave. Agarwal says you are a crazy man. Abhishek shouts how dare you to call my brother crazy? Get lost. Agarwal and Adi leave. Girish says we are one against you because we are protecting our father’s dream. Mithai smiles and tells Dadu that see when someone attacks this family then they become one. Dadu says I am hopeful today they can stay united. Agarwal says I didn’t offer to buy this business, Sid came to me but I won’t spare you people. Sid says don’t insult my Dadu, I will not sell my Dadu’s shops but I promise to buy all your shops one day and my Dadu’s name will be written on the shops. Mithai says he is Amithabh Bachan today. Agarwal and Adi angrily leave from there.

Sid comes to his room and recalls everything that happened. He recalls his promise to buy Agarwal’s business one day. Dadu comes there and says you took the right decision, you protected my honor. Sid says I trapped myself in all this, you shouldn’t have given this business to me. Dadu says you have to make me understand. Sid says I am not interested in the sweets business. You know why I hate this business, this business took my mother away and she was never happy because of it. Dadu says did you forget how much she enjoyed making sweets? He offers parsad to him. Sid takes it and says this business. Dadu sits with him and offers him water. He says you will handle everything. Sid says I was thinking to go to Singapore. Dadu says you can go away if you want or otherwise you can fulfill your challenge to Agarwal. Sid says how will sit in the sweets shop? I hate that smell. Mithai comes there and says you took the right decision, he goes away. Mithai goes behind him.

Sid is playing basketball and thinks I am stuck with this sweets business now. Mithai comes there and is about to slip but Sit holds her. Shubham and Apeksha come there, they see them hugging each other. Shubham leaves. Apeksha says Sid? Sid slips and falls down with Mithai. Apeksha says what is she doing in your room? Sid asks Mithai to leave.

Scene 2
Pramod talks to Girish, Abha, and Abhishek. Pramod says I don’t trust Sid handling this business. Abha says he doesn’t understand a thing about sweets. Abhishek says the hurtful thing is that we have worked hard and all went away to Sid. Pramod says I have an idea. He tells them about it. Girish says I don’t want to do all this, I will talk to Sid. Abhishek says he doesn’t listen to you. Girish says I don’t agree with this and leaves. Abhishek says if Girish doesn’t agree then I won’t too, he leaves. Pramod looks on.

Apeksha tells Sid that you are getting distracted from your goal, you are a tech genius and you are being trapped in this sweets business. Sid says I took the responsibility so what trap? Apeksha says you have changed, I have been waiting for you so how can you take a u-turn? We are made for the tech world and not this ordinary sweets business. Mithai comes there with the menu, she says it will help Sid. He can make the business online using his skills. Apeksha says we didn’t ask you for ideas. Mithai says Sid is thinking about his family so you should encourage him. Apeksha says I am asking him to think practically. Mithai says when it comes to the family then we have to be emotional. Apeksha says you are uneducated and you are giving speech to me. Mithai says being educated means you would forget your family and emotions? She tells Sid to listen to his heart. Sid shouts enough and asks them to leave. Mithai leaves. Sid looks on.

The episode ends.