Monkeypox outbreak: New Zealand reports first case of monkeypox virus | World News

Wellington: New Zealand reported its first monkeypox case on Saturday, the Ministry of Health said in a statement. The person is in their 30s, lives in Auckland and has recently returned from overseas travel in a country with reported cases of monkeypox, said the ministry. Given the increase in cases internationally, the arrival in New Zealand was not unexpected. Yet, there is no evidence of community transmission in New Zealand, said the ministry.

Last month, monkeypox was officially listed as a notifiable disease in New Zealand. According to the ministry, a monkeypox PCR test is available in New Zealand labs and has been used to detect this first case.

The ministry advised anyone who has been overseas and attended events connected with the spread of monkeypox to be aware of any symptoms and seek advice from health professionals. 

The ministry is currently exploring options for access to smallpox vaccines in New Zealand that can be used as part of the targeted prevention of the spread of monkeypox in certain situations.