MTV Ex or Next: Krissane Barretto and Salman Zaidi to give their relationship another chance? Details inside | Television News

New Delhi: MTV is bringing an interesting show for the youth and it has been taking the internet by storm with its concept. The upcoming show ‘MTVs Ex or Next’ has an aim to create nail-biting content to see these hot and happening couples sizzle on the television screens. 

This show is all set to shake things up along with Gold Coast Films that will boast an unprecedented concept where they will bring popular ex-couples together on the beautiful land of Maldives, giving them an opportunity to give their love another chance or to move on.


The first episode of ‘MTVs Ex or Next’ will showcase these 6 contestants to be taken by surprise seeing their ex-lovers walk in. Not knowing that they will be spending time with their exes the contestants are caught off-guard and begin to wonder what’s happening around them. 

The episode will see a few ups and downs and one such thing that the viewers will be in for a treat is seeing the beautiful Krissane Barretto and handsome hunk Salman Zaidi – the ex-lovers share a moment. They both will be seen on a movie date where they talk about their past relationships and how it has made them grow into the person they are today.

This moment shared between them gives a glimpse of an opportunity where they seem to might give their lost relationship another chance, one more shot.

Or will they move on? One can only wait and find out what’s in store for Krissane and Salman. Tune in to watch Ex or Next every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm!


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