Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza makes EXPLOSIVE claims on how he helped ISI spy on India | World News

New Delhi: A Pakistani journalist has made an explosive claim about his past visits to India. Nusrat Mirza, in an interview with journalist and political analyst Shakil Chaudhary revealed that he has passed on key information to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence after his many visits to India. He spoke about the process in detail in his recent interview and boasted about how he was able to collect the information.

‘Was invited by former India’s Vice President Hamid Ansari’: Mirza

He recalled that at the time of this incident, he was invited to India by Vice Presidentship of Mohammad Hamid Ansari. Ansari had served as the 12th vice president from 2007 to 2017. For his visits, he received several perks from the Pakistan foreign affairs department, he said. 

Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza received perks from foreign affairs dept. of Pakistan

He explained, “Usually when you apply for a visa to India, they only allow you to visit three places. However, at that time, Khurshid Kasuri (Pakistani politician and writer who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan between November 2002 till November 2007) was the foreign minister who helped me to get a visa for seven cities.”

“I have visited India five times. I have visited Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Patna and Kolkata as well. In 2011, I also met with the Milli Gazette`s publisher Zafarul Islam Khan,” Mirza said as quoted by ANI. Zafarul-Islam Khan is a former Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission and Founder-Editor of the Milli Gazette, Indian Muslims` leading news source.

Mirza had also shed light on his 2010 visit to India in the interview during which he attended a seminar on terrorism. In his 2011 visit, he met Zafarul Islam Khan – the Milli Gazette`s publisher. After both these visits, he provided information about them to the ISI, as per his recent claims.

He said that though he handed down the information to the Pakistani leadership however no one seemed to pay any attention to it due to leadership issues.

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