Pandya Store 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kirti breaks Krish’s heart

Pandya Store 21st July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dhara saying Kirti has written, she is happy today, her life is going to change. Rishita says I will kill you Kirti. Dhara calls Krish. Rishita calls Kirti. Kirti thinks she got to know everything. Kamini answers the call. She says you don’t ruin our family peace, explain Krish, leave Kirti’s tension to us. Janardhan smiles. Rishita says no, Kirti can never do this. She panics. Dhara asks what’s happening to you, calm down, Krish will come. She goes to get water. She asks Rishita to have water. Rishit refuses. She says this happened because of you, I will regard you responsible for this. She asks how will Kirti adjust here. She says so sorry to shout on you. Dhara says its okay. She hugs Rishita. Suman worries. Everyone looks for Krish. Shiv says he can go to the railway station or bus station. Gautam says no, his priority is to marry Krish, he might go to the temple. Shiva jokes. Gautam says don’t joke, situation is serious. They leave. Krish is at the temple. He calls Kirti. She thinks no, I don’t want to stay in that hut. She switches off her phone. Kamini smiles.

Krish says her phone is off, why. Shiva, Gautam and Dev come to the temple and see Krish. Krish asks how did they come here. Krish takes a stick and says don’t come ahead, I will hit. Gautam says drop the stick. Krish says I will break my head. Dev says come home with us. Shiva asks where is Kirti. Krish says she didn’t come. Shiva asks what are you saying, she didn’t come. Dev says it means she got her senses, come with us.

Krish says Kirti loves me a lot, she will come and marry me. Dev scolds him for stealing money. Krish shouts on them. Shiva says we came to take you home, mum is awake, waiting for you, I will not beat you. Krish says I m not scared of anyone, let Kirti come, then I will decide. Dev says she will not come, call her, if she comes, then I will get you married. Gautam says if we take this jodi home, then our wives will kill us. Shiva says yes, call her, we will get you married. Gautam says Rishita will kill you Dev. Dev says its okay. Dev calls Kirti. He says her phone is off, she doesn’t want to marry you. Krish says its our legal age to marry, her dad would have stopped her. Shiva asks why did you send him to college, Dev and Krish went to college and fell in love, I m better. Krish says I will break my head. They shout no. They see Kirti coming in an auto rickshaw. Gautam asks Dev to call Dhara here. He says I m going home, you both wanted to get their marriage done, right. Krish runs to hug Kirti. Kirti pushes him away. Krish and everyone get shocked.

She says its over Krish, you liar, cheat, fraud, you do online trading, you have much money, Bua and dad opened my eyes, I got to know the truth, Rishita came home and told the truth, I went mad to think that my life can be better than Rishita’s if I marry you, but no, your family can never get equal to mine. Shiva says I will scold her. Gautam says let it happen. Kirti scolds Krish and calls him poor. Krish cries. He says your dad filled your ears. She says no, I don’t want to make the mistake like Rishita did, you have no ambition, you got habitual to sit at home and eat, you would have married me and became a Ghar Jamai.

Krish asks do you think so. She says I don’t deserve this, I m leaving, forget everything, you are not worth it, I can’t waste my time. Dev says his madness will end now. Kirti says don’t show me your face. Krish says no. She slaps him. His brothers look on angrily. Kamini comes to pick her. Kirti goes to the car and says this is my life, and that auto rickshaw is your life. She leaves. Krish runs after the car. Shiva and Dev stop him. Krish says I will earn money, give me some time, I love you a lot. He cries a lot.

Suman says they all disappeared. Dhara says they will come. Suman says I will go to find them. They come home. Krish opens the bag and gets the money. He keeps it on the table. Suman slaps him.

Suman scolds Krish and says I will throw you out of the house. She drags Krish. Dhara says I m sorry from his side, if you make Krish out, then I will also leave the house.