Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara meets Shiva

Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Raavi asking where is Shiva. Inspector says he can’t get saved from us for a long time, if you all cheated for a compensation, then it will be a trouble, get ready to go to the police station. He goes. Suman says we won’t lie for 10 lakhs, get Shiva here if he is alive. Raavi says I can feel Shiva is alive. Shiva says I have to control my emotions, I can’t come here always. Rishita says you can be wrong. Raavi says no, I felt him in the room too. Dhara thinks I also felt the same yesterday. She recalls the bangle seller. She says I will just come. She sees the bangle seller. Shiva sees her coming and runs away.

She asks him to stop, why is he running away. Shiva leaves his cycle and runs. She catches him and sees his face. A car passes by splashing water over him. Shiva leaves. He thinks sorry, you had to worry because of me, but I can’t come in front of you all right now. Dhara recalls Shiva. She says he was Shiva, else why would he run away this time, I will find out the truth. Prafulla gets a pandit home. She asks him to chant mantras, Shiva’s ghost shouldn’t enter her house. Shiva comes there. He feels thirsty. He goes to drink water. Prafulla goes to get gangajal. She sees Shiva in the mirror and shouts ghost, save me, pandit ji. Pandit also gets scared. Shiva says she won’t let me drink water. Prafulla sits praying. She runs outside. Dhara asks what happened.

Prafulla says I have seen Shiva’s ghost in my house. Dhara asks where, I want to see him. Prafulla says my house. Dhara says wow Shiva, you chose Prafulla’s house to hide, where nobody will doubt. Prafulla goes to Pandya house and shouts Raavi. She hugs Raavi. Suman asks what happened, did she see a ghost. Prafulla says yes, I have seen Shiva’s ghost. Suman asks what nonsense. Prafulla says you have sent his ghost after me, don’t feel bad, we will keep a puja, I have seen him in the mirror. Raavi recalls the man’s words. Dhara calls out Shiva. Shiva hears her and gets worried. He says Prafulla got Dhara here, if Dhara sees me, then I m gone. Shiva runs out of the window. Dhara sees the window open. She says someone jumped out of here. She gets the bangle seller’s clothes there. She shouts Shiva. Suman gets angry on Prafulla.

Prafulla says I have seen his ghost. Suman scolds her. Prafulla says I will sit here until you do the puja. She sits on the cot. Suman lifts the cot. Raavi says I will talk to Maasi. Prafulla thanks Raavi for saving her. Raavi asks where did you see him. Prafulla says I have seen him in the mirror, trust me. Shiva hides his face and runs. Dhara runs after him. She says he was just here, where did he go. She walks in front of a tempo. Shiva sees this and runs to save her. Dhara gets shocked seeing Shiva. Rishita and Raavi check Prafulla’s house. Prafulla is scared. Rishita scares her more and laughs. Raavi checks the storeroom. She doesn’t see Shiva’s bag. She says where are you, Shiva. Dhara holds Shiva and cries. She hugs him. They cry.

Dhara says I will tell Gautam first. Shiva says we can’t tell anyone. She asks but why. Dev gets some papers. He says Shiva sold our land for 30 lakhs.