Pandya Store 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Raavi meets Shiva

Pandya Store 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Suman asking Prafulla why did she come back. Prafulla thinks if I tell about Shiva, then she will make me out. She recalls seeing the foot marks. She shouts Suman, explain your son, he is a ghost. She packs her bag and runs out of the house, hearing sounds coming from the kitchen. FB ends. Dhara makes Raavi ready. Prafulla comes and says I have seen some foot marks in my house. Dhara says its good you have come here to stay. Prafulla asks why did Raavi get so decked up. Dhara says she is happy that Shiva is here as a ghost, we will meet his ghost and come, sit here, we will just come. Raavi thinks what’s Dhara hiding, I will know it when I go there. Dhara says we are going for dinner. Rishita asks without me? I will also come. Dhara says no, stay home, you are safe here, come Raavi. Suman asks for kada. Rishita says I will get it. Dhara says we will come soon. They go. Suman asks Gautam to show Dhara to a good doctor. He says don’t know what happened to her, let them go. Suman asks where is Prafulla now. Gautam says don’t know. Suman goes to see Prafulla. Prafulla lies on the bed. She sees Shiva’s shirt moving by air and shouts. Suman comes and throws water on her face. She scolds Prafulla. Dhara and Raavi enter Prafulla’s house by the window. Raavi says you think I will see Shiva like Prafulla. Dhara says yes, think of him from heart, go now, you may see him. Dhara goes. Raavi calls out Shiva.

She says if you really love me, then come out once, I love you. She calls him out and asks why can’t you come and love me. Flower petals fall down over her when he switches on the fan. Shiva comes. Raavi turns and gets surprised seeing him alive. She closes eyes. She says no, I saw Shiva, is he there or in my heart, he is teasing me. Shiva cries seeing her and comes in front of her. He asks her to open eyes, he is here. She says no, I know you aren’t here. He says open your eyes, I m here. She says you are not here. He says I love you. He kisses on her cheek.

She opens eyes and sees him. They both cry happily. She says you are really in front of me. He nods. She says I love you too. Rait zara si…plays… She also kisses on his cheek. They hug. He says I want to tell you everything, when I went to see the land, the bus met with an accident. He tells her everything. He says that fisherman saved me, he took me home and made me recover, I came home to meet you all, I heard the policeman saying about the arrest and left. Raavi says but that land sale. Shiva says Jeevanlal played that game, we will sell that land and get money, we will fix things. She asks won’t you come home. he says not now, it’s a matter of few days, I will be at Prafulla’s house, you can come here and meet me anytime. She hugs him and says its good, we didn’t get a chance to have filmi romance. He says come, we will have some fresh air.

Dhara serves the food to everyone. She asks them to have food. She says I have made kheer, I will serve it. Suman asks where is Raavi. Rishita says maybe she left her outside. Dhara says Raavi is at the terrace, we are at home. Rishita says Dhara didn’t take me to party. Dhara asks them to have patience. Krish says I will go and get Raavi. Dhara asks him to stop. She says Raavi isn’t hungry, I will just come. She goes. Suman asks is Raavi crying there, let her go and see. Shiva and Raavi have a walk in the lane. He drops her home. He asks her to go and sleep now. she hugs him. Krish doesn’t see Dhara. He says Raavi isn’t there. Dhara says I said she was there, but now she has come downstairs. He asks when did she come. Dhara confuses him. she says you think I m lying, I forgive you, go. He says I didn’t say sorry. Kanta comes out in the lane. Shiva asks Raavi to go, anyone will see. Shiva covers his face. Raavi hugs him again. Kanta sees them. She sees Raavi. She says Raavi, she is with some guy, who is he.

Raavi asks how will I go out. Shiva says let me think. Prafulla comes home. She sees Shiva and shouts. Suman and Dhara hear her shouting.