Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara gets adamant to sell the house

Pandya Store 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Gautam asking Dev to explain Dhara. Dev says I can’t explain my wife, where will I go if the house is sold. The man says I heard Shiva’s ghost is roaming. Jeevanal says its all a lie, go now. Shiva comes in disguise and scares Jeevanlal. Jeevanlal says I won’t get scared of you. Shiva comes in front of him. Jeevanlal burns some smoke and says now the ghost can’t come. Shiva says if I cough by mistake, then he will know that I m alive. Dhara comes to meet Shiva. He asks is everything fine.

She says I came to tell you, I have to sell our house. He asks what, Pandya Nivaas is our identity. She says you are our life, our identity is our love for each other, Rishita’s seven months are completing, we kept a function for her. Shiva asks her to send the video to him, he can’t come. She smiles and goes. He says house can’t get sold. She comes back home. Gautam says you weren’t so weak to get affected by people’s words, tell me the truth. She says there is no truth. He says I can’t hurt Suman, this house can’t get sold. Dhara thinks how to tell that I m doing this to get Shiva. He says you have to leave this adamancy. Rishita says I m excited to shift to our new flat. Dev asks her to stop dreaming. She says this house is made of bricks and cement, we have no money to repair this house. He goes. She says how to explain him that Shiva can come back if we sell this house. Dhara locks the door. Rishita asks her to open the door. Rishita and Raavi enter Dhara’s room. Dev asks why did she lock the room. Rishita says we won’t come out of here, until we decide to sell the house, we will give our life by hunger. Krish comes and says what is she saying. Suman says Dhara has taught this to them. They hear Gautam talking on call about someone who came back. He says it’s a fraud, he has to return the money. Dhara asks Gautam to sell the house. Suman asks her to open the door. Gautam says you shouldn’t do this in such state. Suman asks what state. Dhara signs him to be quiet, its their matter, don’t involve Suman. Suman asks what.

She says call her brother. Dhara says he went to Mumbai. Krish says take me inside, I m on your side. Dev asks what. Krish says I will go inside and open the door. Dev says door didn’t open. Rishita feels hungry. Raavi says I had got these snacks. They feed Rishita. Prafulla comes and asks what happened, why is everyone sitting sad, where are the bahus. Suman asks her to go. Prafulla asks why is Raavi sitting at the window. Krish makes Prafulla out of the house. Rishita says I think Suman won’t agree. Dhara says we have to do a drama now, Rishita faint down. Rishita says I fainted in morning also. Raavi says I will break my leg. She screams and shouts my leg broke, I fell down. Dhara asks how did you fall. Rishita asks are you fine. Raavi says I m in pain. Rishita says no one cares for your pain. Suman asks what happened to Raavi.

Dhara opens the door. Raavi does a drama. Gautam and Dev come there and see Raavi. Shiva comes home in disguise of a vegetable seller. He sees Suman. He hears about Raavi’s injury. Dhara says Raavi didn’t have food, she fell down, Rishita is pregnant, and then I m also there, think what to do. Gautam asks Raavi to show her injury. Dev says I will call the doctor. Raavi says no. Gautam says you both can’t be hungry in this state. Rishita says why, just I m pregnant. Dhara hugs Gautam and says don’t say until its confirmed, listen to us if you worry for us. Gautam says I can’t agree, mum’s decision is my decision. Dev says yes, it’s the last decision, sorry Raavi. They leave. Suman asks is she fine. Gautam says Raavi is refusing to call the doctor, what shall I do, they must eat food. Dev says we will make pakoras, they will come running to have it. Suman says yes, they would be hungry. Shiva says have the food of my share also. Prafulla comes there and holds Shiva. She thinks is he Shiva.

Suman says call me to have food when this drama is over. Dhara says I will die if you don’t listen to me. She jumps into the well. Everyone is shocked.