Pandya Store 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara shares the secret with Rishita

Pandya Store 30th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dhara saying I will go and get Suman. Rishita says she will come on her own. Dhara goes. Raavi asks Shiva to get up, Suman is standing outside. Shiva wakes up. He asks is mum standing outside. Dhara asks Suman to come home. Suman says I will make Prafulla’s ghost away. Shiva and Raavi try to hide. Dhara says if you go inside, then it will prove that our Shiva has become a ghost. Suman asks what nonsense. Dhara says he won’t become a ghost on anyone’s saying. Rishita asks where is Raavi. Dhara says she might be washing clothes at home. Rishita asks why did you run seeing her empty room. Dhara says you want the detective degree today, we will take Suman home. Suman says I will go inside. Dhara says our Shiva isn’t a ghost. Suman says I don’t want Prafulla in my house. Dhara says fine, she won’t come with us, come home. She asks Rishita to come, and see Raavi at home. Rishita asks her not to shout. Raavi asks how will I go out. Prafulla enters the house. Shiva and Raavi run. Prafulla sees them and shouts Shiva. Suman, Dhara and Rishita stop.

Dhara says you can’t go inside, come with me. Prafulla says you don’t look dead. She touches him and checks. She says you are alive, you did a drama to scare me. Raavi asks where is Shiva, I can’t see him. Prafulla says behind you. Raavi says I can’t see him, tell me, where is he, I also want to see him. She acts. Prafulla says it means just I can see Shiva, it means….. She faints down. Shiva asks Raavi to go home. Raavi asks him to find another place for himself. She leaves. Shiva goes and hides in the storeroom. Raavi collides with Kanta. She goes smiling. Kanta asks from where is she coming.

Dev and Gautam see Jeevanlal’s name board, and get angry. Gautam says we have to become Shiva now. He shouts Jeevanlal, come out. The man says boss isn’t here. Dev says this is our land. The man says boss bought this land from Jeevanlal. Jeevanlal comes and asks what work do you have. Gautam says we want our land back. Jeevanlal asks him to go and ask his brother. Gautam says we know he came here to get the land, we will file a police complaint against you. They leave.

Rishita asks Raavi when did you come. Raavi says I was here, I was drying the clothes and now came to cook, did anything happen. Rishita says you are hiding something from me. Dhara comes. Rishita says I will find out the secret and then not talk to you two. Dhara says no, we will tell you the secret, you have to hide it. Raavi signs no. Rishita asks what is it. Dhara says there is no other option, listen, our Shiva is alive. Rishita asks what. Dhara says it’s a secret, control, if anyone knows this, then we all will go to jail, even the baby. Rishita faints. Dhara and Raavi make her sit. Dhara sprinkles water on Rishita’s face. She says you didn’t need to go and meet him, you should have come home. Gautam and Dev come. Gautam asks what’s happening, where did you go Raavi.

Dev says Rishita, what happened to her. Raavi says she got happy and fainted. Dev asks what. Raavi says baby kicked and said Maa. Dhara says yes, what. Dev asks what are you saying. Raavi says we felt so. Rishita gets conscious. Dhara makes her drink the water. Dev says baby called you Maa. Rishita asks how can this happen. Raavi says I told you, we won’t tell her. Rishita says yes, I felt like baby said Maa. Gautam says maybe it’s a miracle, its possible. Rishita says baby is special, he can do anything. Gautam says I have to give you a good news, I understood, Shiva is coming, he will take birth from your womb, shall I tell everyone that you were happy and distributing sweets that day. Dhara hugs him and says we will tell them once its confirmed. Rishita says Dhara never leaves a chance to hug Gautam. They all go and hug. Dev says how can the baby say Maa. Dhara asks Gautam and Dev to go out, they have to do some girls talk. Gautam and Dev leave.

He says those three are talking strange things. Dev says they are hiding something from us. Shiva says Prafulla has seen me. Prafulla comes and says I have a solution to get rid of you. Shiva acts to get saved. Prafulla says you got money from the govt. She catches his neck and feeds him the poison. He imagines this. Raavi says I promise, I won’t do this again. Rishita says Dhara has forgiven you, how is Shiva. Raavi says he is good. Rishita says I want to meet him, I have some work. Dhara says we can’t take risk. Rishita says ask him why did he sell the land, where is the money, money is imp. Raavi says Shiva already told me that Jeevanlal made fake papers. Rishita says I knew it, we have just one option, we will take police help. Dhara says we can’t tell anyone that Shiva is alive, Jeevanlal has papers with him also, we can’t keep Shiva away from home for long. Shiva says I have to leave from here, there is one way for my freedom, our land. Dhara says we have one way. Raavi asks what. Dhara says we have to sell this house. They get shocked.

Dhara says we should sell this house. Suman refuses. Dhara, Raavi and Rishita lock themselves and threaten of dying.