Pandya Store 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman agrees to sell the house

Pandya Store 5th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dhara threatening Suman of dying. Suman asks how will you die, tell me. Dhara goes to sit on the well and says I will jump down. Suman says don’t play my same trick on me. Dhara says think anything, I m going today. Gautam says no, you can’t do this, for the sake of our coming baby. Suman and everyone get puzzled. Dhara says ask Maa to sign the papers. Suman asks whose baby. Gautam says our baby, its not confirmed, stop her, she will tell when she gets down. Dhara asks are you signing the papers or not. She slips inside the well. Everyone gets shocked. Gautam holds Dhara’s hand and pulls her outside. Dhara says I will leave your hand, ask Suman to sign the papers. Gautam asks Suman to sign the papers, else Dhara will jump into the well. Rishita says we thought Dhara is joking, come out. Dhara worries. Suman says don’t leave her hand. Gautam asks Suman to sign the papers. Everyone holds Gautam. Suman says fine, I will sign. Dhara asks Raavi to get the papers, it mentions that Suman is selling the house by her wish.

Raavi runs and gets the papers. Suman applies the thumb impressions. She asks Dhara to come out now. Gautam asks Dev to help him. They both pull Dhara up. Rishita says I will not help Dhara next time, I got tired, what’s all this. Everyone sits. Suman says you did wrong to make me sign the papers this way. Dhara asks Suman to beat her a lot. Suman cries. She says thank you and opens arms for Dhara. She says it’s a good news, come, you made me happy, double celebration, why didn’t you tell me that you are pregnant. Dhara worries. Suman says its just my right to jump in the well, when did you know about your pregnancy, tell me. Gautam asks Dhara to say. Dhara runs. Suman asks her to say.

Dhara says its not my mistake, I never told Gautam that I m pregnant. Gautam asks what. She says when did I say yes. He says but you didn’t say no, you said our Shiva will come. She says I didn’t mean he will come from my womb, we all miss him a lot, I pray that a miracle happens and he comes back. Suman scolds Gautam. She says you were with her, just for these papers. Gautam says no. Dev asks what will we learn from you, lying, you are a good actor, you were with Dhara in her plan. Gautam says no, don’t beat me. Suman asks why shall we send this house, I have many memories of your dad here, we had mortgaged this house many times and then freed it. Raavi and Rishita say we are hungry, we will go. They leave. Dhara thinks sorry Maa, but I had no other way.

Prafulla laughs and says you are gone now, Shiva, you will go jail. Shiva says you are my relative, this is your house, I m staying here, who will go to jail with me now, you will come with me, it will be fun. He laughs. She worries. Suman invites people in Rishita’s godh bharai. Gautam makes arrangements and asks Dev. Dev says you are the baby’s Bade papa, don’t ask me anything. Rishita gets tea for them. They have food. Dhara is upset. Raavi says we shall call Shiva in Rishita’s godh bharai. Dhara says yes, we will call the policemen also, they can forgive me. Prafulla makes rotis and gets angry on Shiva. Shiva eats the rotis and asks her to get more. She thinks you won’t get saved, I will find a way to send you to jail. Dhara says Shiva is living there with trouble. Raavi says sorry, I got selfish. Rishita says just call him, else I won’t sit for the rasam.

Prafulla says I m saying the truth, come fast. Shiva is dancing in the function, in disguise of a lady. Prafulla gets the police home.