Pandya Store 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiva comes home in disguise

Pandya Store 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Dhara and Raavi seeing Shiva and Prafulla. They imagine Prafulla feeding Shiva. Raavi asks am I dreaming. Dhara says no, its reality, Prafulla got to know Shiva’s truth that he is alive. Prafulla thinks I will find a way to send you to the jail. Dhara clicks their pic and says this will be useful for future. She makes some sound. Raavi says anyone can hear. Shiva hears Dhara’s signal. Dhara says he will come out now. Shiva asks Prafulla to make her roti and eat. He goes. Prafulla says where did he go. Shiva meets Dhara and Raavi. Raavi hugs him. Dhara asks him to come to the godh bharai tomorrow. He says Prafulla is already threatening me. They ask him to come, else Rishita won’t sit for the function. He says function isn’t imp, land sale is imp. She says don’t worry, Suman has signed the papers, we will sell the house. He says no, you give me some days time, I will end this matter, go now. She says you have to come tomorrow, you know Rishita.

He says I have to go to Jeevanlal and then get the land, if the plan fails, then I have to come home anyway, Suman won’t lose Pandya Nivaas, try to understand. Dhara says come tomorrow. They leave. Prafulla hears them and gets glad. She says I will get Shiva caught. Dhara makes Rishita ready. She says anyone can cast bad sight on you. Everyone is busy in the function. Suman says I miss my Shiva, I don’t know to get happy or cry in some corner. Rishita asks will Shiva come. Dhara says he will surely come. They compliment each other. Prafulla goes and burns Shiva’s clothes. Suman smiles seeing Rishita. Gautam says if Shiva was with us right now, then our happiness would have got high. Shiva is on the way to home in a lady’s disguise. Prafulla cleans all the evidences of Shiva’s stay from her house. She locks the door. She says now no one will know anything, you are gone now, Shiva. Raavi looks at the door. Rishita’s function starts. She gets the gifts and wishes from the ladies. Raavi says Shiva, please come, its late. Prafulla comes and waits for Shiva. Janardhan and family come. Prafulla says it will be fun to insult them in front of Janardhan. She thinks Shiva will really come, I will arrange handcuffs for him. Rishita and everyone see Janardhan and family. Dev gets angry. He asks why did they come, ask them to leave. Gautam says forget it. Dhara does the rituals. Kamini greets Suman. Janardhan says we are sorry to hear about Shiva, we pray for his soul peace. Kamini congratulates Rishita.

Kalyani says you didn’t call us even today. Kamini gives the gifts as blessing. Rishita angrily refuses to accept the gifts. Suman asks her to accept it, its their blessings. She takes the clothes. She asks them to take the other things back. She says let the happiness stay in our house. Kamini says I know, wrong happened between our families, but today we came to be a part of Rishita’s happiness, don’t you think we should forget everything and move on. Dev says no, its not possible now, you always made a mistake, not again, when its about the baby.

Shiva comes in disguise. He dances with the kinners. Badhaiyaan….plays…. Dhara, Rishita and Raavi smile seeing him. Rishita asks what did he become. Raavi stops her. Shiva blesses Rishita that she gets a princess. Rishita laughs. Shiva asks Dev to give some money. Dev gives the money. Shiva sees Suman. He blesses Suman to always have her sons, her bahus live on her command. Suman gives him money. Suman thinks this voice looks like my Shiva, is my Shiva really alive.

Prafulla gets the police to Pandya house. Shiva is dancing. He gets shocked seeing Prafulla and says how did the police come.