Pandya Store 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Prafulla gets the police to Pandya house

Pandya Store 7th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Shiva taking money from Gautam and hugging him. Dhara smiles. Kanta says I feel I have seen him. Raavi says I think your cataract operation didn’t go well. Inspector says if your news is wrong, then you will go to jail and also pay a fine. Prafulla says I m saying the truth, come fast, else he will run from there. Shiva asks everyone to dance. Baghi chora aaya re….plays…. Everyone dances. Gautam and Dev look at Shiva.

Gautam thinks why do I find his face familiar, like I already know him. Dhara asks him to dance along. Shiva blesses Janardhan and takes money from him. Janardhan gives 100rs. Shiva asks for 500rs. Janardhan gives it. Shiva dances. Prafulla gets the police. Inspector asks them to stop dancing. Everyone is shocked seeing the police. Janardhan says there is always a drama. Dhara signs Shiva to go. Gautam sees Shiva going upstairs. He follows Shiva. Dhara stops him and asks him to stop here, police has come. Gautam thinks once police goes, then I will talk to you. Dev thinks something is wrong. Prafulla says I heard it, Shiva was going to come in this function, he and his family cheated the govt., catch him. Janardhan asks is Shiva alive. The kinners leave. Inspector stops the kinners. Suman gets a stick and gets angry. Prafulla says truth can’t get scared. Gautam asks Suman to stop. Suman says make her out of the house, she is making fun of Shiva. Prafulla says I m not scared of you, you built the store by compensation money, and Shiva also came back, you will go to jail now. Dev scolds her. Raavi says I think you got a big shock by his death, you were seeing his ghost first and now Shiva. Prafulla says I don’t want to talk to you, Shiva is alive, he is hiding her, find him, he is an expert in running from the window and terrace. Rishita asks what shall we do, Shiva will get caught. Raavi says stop it, you always do a drama, go away from here. Prafulla says no, I won’t go, police also won’t go, Shiva is here. Janardhan says I know Pandya family well, they won’t do such a cheap thing, Shiva is dead, if you want to end your misunderstanding, then check the house. Inspector asks the constables to check the house. Rishita says I feel tired, I will go and rest. Suman asks her to go.

Police doesn’t find Shiva anywhere. Prafulla asks where is he. Constable says we didn’t find him. Rishita says you can check the room, I m pregnant, so I came to rest. Dhara and Raavi come there. Rishita signs them. Inspector looks at Rishita. She asks shall I remove the blanket and show, else you will say that I m hiding someone. Police goes. She gets up. She asks Shiva to get up. He asks did they go. She says yes, I will go and see. Inspector says we didn’t get Shiva anywhere. Dev and Dhara scold Prafulla. Raavi says explain Prafulla about this, just she is seeing Shiva, she thinks Shiva is after her. Kanta says Prafulla has gone mad. Dhara says she was scared of his ghost, she was staying in our house, go and check her house, maybe we find the real culprit, maybe she kidnapped him. Prafulla says I m not scared, you can check my house. Everyone leaves. Dhara looks at Gautam.

Suman cries. Gautam asks Dev to close the windows and doors. Dev asks why. Gautam says just do what I said. Raavi says I feel scared. Dhara says I feel more scared, don’t know what Gautam will do now. Gautam asks Dhara to say it, why did she do this, how much did she lie to them. Suman asks what lie, tell me something. Gautam says ask her, why did she hide such a big truth. Raavi says its not Dhara’s mistake. He says yes, its my mistake. He asks Dhara why did she not tell us the truth. Suman asks them to say what is it. Dhara cries. Gautam asks Dhara to say the truth right away. Dhara says our Shiva is alive. Suman and Dev are shocked.

Gautam asks Shiva to face the truth. Dhara says we will arrange 10 lakhs. Gautam says you have 24 hours, if you can’t do anything, then I will take Shiva to the police station. Everyone cries.