Pandya Store 9th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Pandyas scare Jeevanlal

Pandya Store 9th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

The Episode starts with Prafulla picking her phone and running. Raavi stops her. Prafulla says I don’t want to talk to you. Dhara comes. Raavi asks Prafulla to come with her. Prafulla says leave me. Dhara says you wanted a proof of Shiva’s existence, come, I will show you Shiva. She takes Prafulla. Prafulla says let me go, else I will tell your plan. Suman asks Shiva to tie up Prafulla in her room. She asks Rishita to handle Prafulla, until then they will execute their plan. Its night, everyone gets ready to leave. Gautam thinks we are coming Jeevanlal to end your evil. Jeevanlal is drinking with his friends. He says once we are done with the Pandya family land, we will go and get the registry done tomorrow. Shiva hears them and says they are going to do the registry tomorrow. He gets scared seeing Suman and Gautam. Suman says don’t worry, we will get the land from him. They see someone coming in Manjulika’s getup. Shiva asks who is she. Mere dholna sunn…plays…

Shiva sees Raavi and screams. Raavi says look at me, its me, your wife. Shiva says wives look Chudail after marriage. Suman asks Raavi to focus on Jeevanlal. Dhara comes. They all scream. Gautam says right, wives look Chudail after marriage. Suman asks where is Dev. Dev says come fast. Shiva says you will drive, we are going inside. The all go inside in the guise of ghosts. Golmaal…plays… Suman goes to Jeevanlal and his friends. They get shocked seeing the ghosts.

Jeevanlal says there is nothing, you all got mad, you are drunk, come, sit and drink, I had used chilli smoke that day and got rid of the ghost, I know tantra mantra, don’t worry, enjoy. They dance on Bala Bala…. Suman and Gautam scare them again. Jeevanlal doesn’t get scared. The men run. Prafulla is tied up. Kamini calls her.

Shiva says we shouldn’t get caught. Dhara asks him not to worry. They read the message, leave Pandya family land and go away. The man says Shiva has come back as a ghost. Gautam breaks a mirror. They get scared. The men run away. Jeevanlal asks them to stop.

Prafulla cuts the ropes. She gets freed. Jeevanlal looks for the chilli. Dhara appears there and scares Jeevanlal. He takes the phone and uses torch to see. She asks him to return Shiva’s land. He laughs and burns the chilli smoke. Shiva switches on a fan. The smoke goes over Jeevanlal himself. His eyes burn. Dhara laughs. Prafulla calls Kamini and says I know where they went, they all will go to jail, just reach there quickly. Kamini says fine, we are coming. Prafulla thinks Rishita is sleeping in her room. She leaves. Shiva goes to Jeevanlal and says I will kill you and take revenge. He says return the land to my family. Shiva and Dhara go away. Jeevanlal says I will call the police. He sees Raavi. Everyone surrounds him and scares.

Jeevanlal tries to run. Raavi threatens him of police. Prafulla, Kamini and Janardhan come there. They threaten Pandyas and call the police.