Pandya Store fame Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik finally open up about their relationship; says, “Our love was gradual and organic”

Pandya Store fame lovebirds Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik, who are known for essaying the role of Shiva and Raavi in the TV show recently opened up about their relationship during an interview with BT.

Kanwar shared, “We met on the sets of Pandya Store. Alice came for her mock shoot in March 2021 and we soon started shooting. I was curious about her name and she told me how her mother used to watch Alice in Wonderland, which is how she had a different name. So, I cracked a joke saying that my mother did not name me Flintstones or Scooby Dhillon because she never watched those shows. That broke the ice!”

Alice also added to the conversation and shared, “I was the last girl to do the mock shoot with him. I feel that everything happens for a reason and that’s why I started shooting in a few days.”

Alice added, “Kanwar is a lot of fun to talk to. I opened up to a new world of beliefs, ideologies, and perceptions and felt a great comfort level in our conversations. Kanwar became my best friend soon.”

Kanwar finally revealed how they fell in love and shared, “It was a gradual process and not instant. We shared beautiful chemistry on screen, which eventually transformed into real chemistry. Unknowingly, we are similar to our characters — Shiva and Raavi. We would joke about how it would be so chaotic or difficult to play Shiva-Raavi in real life because they are so different and yet, we grew fond of each other over time. And finally, I found that there was more to our connection. Our bond strengthened when we shot through the second lockdown away from our families in Bikaner.”

Alice also added to it and said, “Kanwar used to make me laugh throughout the day. I used to love his deep, husky voice. There were many scenes in the show when Raavi and Shiva had to keep looking into each other’s eyes. With other actors, it used to get awkward, but it felt organic with Kanwar. We could gaze into each other’s eyes and feel that connection. Besides, we spent almost 12 hours a day together. After I developed a soft corner for him, I sensed that he was also feeling the same. I felt so much love for him when he made me feel special on all occasions.”

When asked if it gets awkward on the sets, now that they are a couple, Kanwar replied, “Every scene is effortlessly done and there is a huge comfort level. Alice is undoubtedly my best co-actor till now because chemistry speaks for itself. There is a give and take during scenes, which is very important. We know each other well as human beings, and as artists, we complement each other perfectly. No, it never gets awkward.”

Alice contributed to Kanwar’s reply and shared, “I feel at home when I am working with him. It’s nice to have my guy around, especially when he is caring and also entertaining. I get to spend more than half a day with my boyfriend and my confidant. No, nothing is awkward, in fact, we know each other so well that there is a lot of honesty in our scenes.”

Talking about the proposal, Alice said, “He proposed when we were shooting in Gajner in a huge palace and it was during the lockdown, so we were cut off from the world. He couldn’t do anything flashy or overtly romantic, but he knew my love for flowers. He got me a rose and he gave it to me during our lunch break. And then he proposed, asking me to be his girlfriend. I was very happy.”

Kanwar said, “Honestly, I’m the last person to propose or even ask anyone out. I have always found it too clichéd, but something felt right and I asked Alice to be my girlfriend in Gajner Palace, Bikaner while shooting during the lockdown.”

When asked about their plans for marriage, Kanwar said, “Pandya Store has not only given me success and fame that I have worked really hard for over the years, but it has also given me Alice, who is a beautiful addition to my life. We both are happy and content in our personal and professional lives. Everything else in life will gradually happen when it has to.”

Alice said, “I have always been a hopeless romantic, but there is more to this love than that. When the joy of sharing your life with a person excites and motivates you, and gives you strength — that is the best kind of love. It is important to share ups and downs and eventually, laugh together. As of now, we are both focused on our careers and happy in our relationship.”