Pandya Store fame Kanwar Dhillon on essaying the role of a transgender

Kanwar Dhillon, who is known for essaying the role of Shiva in the TV show Pandya Store barely gets a off from his hectic schedule. The actor recently took some time off to embark on a solo bike trip on Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.

The actor, talked about it during a recent interview with BT and shared, “It was my holiday, not Alice’s so she was shooting. I mostly go on these trips alone or with my group of friends. I enjoy biking in the rains and it is a pleasure to do adventure trips after long hours of working for months.”

Kanwar also talked about his role in Pandya Store and shared how he underwent many disguises recently. He said, “It was challenging and a learning experience because we had many members from the transgender community come on the sets during the shoot. It was interesting to know about their lives and I was very conscious about portraying a transgender because I wanted to play the part well. I have tremendous respect for the community and because my character was earlier very different, I had to imbibe many new traits while enacting the role. They also shared many inputs which were helpful for the role. And it was the first time I was playing a transgender.”

When asked about the rumors of Pandya Store going off-air, Kanwar replied, “Not that I know of. In fact, currently, the show is going through many twists and turns because my character was shown dead. Now, that I am back, there is much more to explore.”