Radha Mohan 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan realizes the reason Radha came to their house

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Hriday exclaims why would no one marry Radha as there is Mohan jee who would agree to marry her, Mohan rushes over to Hriday in anger taking him by the collar questioning what does he think of himself, Radha stops Mohan explaining he would not do anything, she explains since the questions have been raised on her so she will answer them all, Radha requests Gungun to go back to her room as the elders have to talk, she insists on staying when Radha forces her to leave, Gungun requests her to not cry at all and if there is any problem then she must call her.

Kaveri exclaims she left as if she is going to bring something to hit Hriday with, Damini is really furious with Hriday. Radha walks down with Bhagwat Geeta. She explains there is no need for her lie but today she must prove the truth as on one side her Dadi is embarrassed while her father also has tears in his eyes. She explains even the criminals do not make a false vow of Bhagwat Geeta so she is informing that Mohan jee is just her Bhagwan, the entire family is stunned when she explains that she just wanted to fill the life of Mohan jee with happiness and see if he also had the star of happiness in his life, when she came here then she realized that he was about to get married but was still really broken, there was no one to stand beside him and he also used to get really furious over small things, most importantly Gungun who was his daughter hated him, she just wanted to make sure that their relation is just sorted. Radha explains she also wanted to help him cross the barrier that existed in the relations and this is how the relation is between Bhagwan and his Bhagt. Radha explains everyone wanted to throw her out of the house when she came in first time, Mohan recalls how he also ordered her to leave at once but she stayed here even then, only because she wanted to make the life of her Bhagwan filled with happiness.

Radha explains she vowed to do three things when she first came into this house, first is to once again make him believe in Bihari jee and the second to cement the relations of Gungun and Mohan jee while the third is to make his life fill with happiness, she is just doing this because her father and Dadi always taught her to help those who deserve so he must tell her if they are wrong. Radha goes to Dadi explaining those who have tears in their eyes and ashamed, she hugs her father explaining his Radha has never done anything that would cause him to cry, from today onwards neither him nor Dadi would apologize or be ashamed of anything. Lata Jee says if there is a daughter like her then they must be ashamed, she should have at least thought about the news where she is standing with Mohan while he is also the one who took her to the Mandir, would anyone want to see their daughter in law being lifted by someone else and if this photo is once again published in the newspaper, then who would say anything to the society. Radha explains the society has not raised her and done anything for her even when her mother died, she doesnot care about them but just desires the trust of her family. Dadi gets furious.

Radha explains she never accepted to marry him under any pressure but because her Dadi chose him, she also really liked how he was always right while arguing with Hriday and when in the morning he agreed to accompany her to the Mandir she was glad that he understood her affection for Mohan jee as a Bhagt but after what he said a few moments ago, she is also suspicious of his actions. Radha replies her father and Dadi would not be ashamed in front of anyone, if he still feels like this then can end the relation but Radha would not give the same test again and again. Radha going to Lata jee explains that relations are only strong where there is trust so if she is going to take her with full right and respect then she will also live with her like a daughter, Radha turning to Hriday exclaims he has to make the final decision, they all are tensed while Damini is furious thinking Hriday has ruined her plan.

Kadambari explains that daughters like Radha are really the strength of their family as she feels Radha is like pure gold and it is now up to them to decide what do they desire. Mohan tries to walk away, Kadambari stopping him asks where is he going, he explains Radha needs his help, she questions if he still thinks she needs anyone’s help, Kadambari explains that Radha can take care of herself and her family, he must leave her alone for some time.

Damini in frustration slaps Hriday questioning what did he think while saying all those things, Hriday asks what else could he have done as who would feel nice if their future wife is close to someone else. Damini questions if he actually thinks he is getting married to Radha.

Mohan is in his room constantly thinking about what Radha said in the hall, he recalls how she assured she just came here to make sure his life is filled with happiness and doesnot have any other feelings for him. Gungun comes to stand by his side, he asks if she also believes that Radha just came to this house for his happiness, she replies he is the only one who doesnot know about it. Mohan says Radha has really indebted him, Gungun replies that elders use such big words but asks what has happened about her marriage, Mohan replies he also doesnot know anything about it.

Hriday explains Damini is a really weak player when Damini replies that she is both the director and actor in this play so he would only do what she instructs him to do, Kaveri exclaims there is no need for him to create any more problem. Damini warns she doesnot know how he is going to do it but she wants him to clear all the mess that he created today otherwise he doesnot have any idea what she is going to do with him.

Hriday starts drinking after which he exclaims Damini doesnot know what the headmaster of the school where she learned all these things still takes tuition from him, Lata jee asks what will happen about Radha, Hriday exclaims that she will see how it happens as he will also get married to Radha while even her life would be ruined.
Radha is in the room, she gets a call from Hriday who is glad she answered her calls, he explains he is going sorry for what happened today but that he just got jealous so said all those things to her, he apologizes and she agrees that it happened however he wants to say it in person so requests her to come to the outhouse.

Hriday sitting is drinking constantly recalling how they all have humiliated him over and over again, he exclaims they all have said whatever they feel like to him, he vows to take revenge from all including Gungun however he is going to start with Radha.