Radha Mohan 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini vows to punish Radha for loving Mohan

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Mohan helps Gungun light the match so they can light the diya, the entire family is shocked seeing them both in the mandir, Mr Tivari exclaims this is the first time they both are standing together and he prays that Radha should come back as soon as possible.

Gungun exclaims Radha says that Bihari jee listens to the prayers of the children so she is requesting him to make sure Radha comes back as soon as possible, Kadambari is really moved by the way Gungun is in the Mandir, she exclaims Gungun has never prayed for anyone but this is the first time she with a pure heart is standing in the Mandir so she requests Bhagwan to listen to the prayers of Radha.

Tulsi exclaims the family is not looking outside the house and even the dry cleaners are not leaving so what should she do to help Radha.

Damini questions why are they not leaving, Kaveri exclaims that the problem which she has created would cause a lot of problem if they donot bring Radha back into the house, Damini in frustration prays that Radha would have to die in that same carpet but Kaveri questions if she went to study in the school as did she not see they way Mohan was searching for Radha and even Gungun was praying for her, Damini replies they would not look for her because if they bring the carpet inside then everyone would find out they are behind it all.

The dry cleaners come back when one of them lights a match but the other one asks if he doesnot know that this house belongs to the Trivares, and Mohan would get really angry, he hits the match which cause the carpets to start burning, they are not able to leave as there is some problem with the car so go to bring the mechanic.
Tulsi wonders what can she do to help Radha, she is stunned seeing that the carpets are burning but just as she is about to leave then gets thrown back because of the protection meanwhile Mohan assures Gungun there is nothing to be sad about as Shekar is also searching for Radha and she will come back, Gungun asks when will she come back as she has now even prayed to Bihari jee, Tulsi wonders what can she do to make them go outside and thinks there is only one way left. Tulsi going to the terrace starts pushing the pots which fell on the ground.

The entire family is shocked and they rush to see what hjappened so are stunned seeing that the pots have fallen, Ketki questions how did they feel since there is not even any wind. Kadambari exclaims what is going on since they cannot find Radha and even the pots, she worries thinking if it is because of Tulsi, she comes asking what are they doing since Radha is trapped in the carpet and so they would have to save her. Damini informs that Tulsi is trying to help Radha, but it is better that she should die rather then coming together as they are already living with one ghost so can live with another one.

Gungun is walking when she sees the carpets are on fire and so she manages to see the hand of Radha, Gungun rushes inside informing manav that the carpets are on fire and Radha is trapped inside, Mohan rushes out in tension when Gungun shows him the hand, everyone is shocked seeing that she is trapped inside. Mohan immediately rushes to save her but is forced to stay back because of the fire, Kadambari requests him to be careful but he just remembers how this was the same way that Tulsi died, he is trying his best to save Rada but Damini suddenly pushes him away, Kaveri asks her to be careful but she manages to pull the carpet out of the burning truck. Damini rolls the carpet so it opens and from it Radha falls over unconscious, everyone is stunned seeing her lying on the floor.

Kadambari calls Mohan to come meanwhile Mr Tivari rushes inside, Mohan tries his best to wake Radha meanwhile Kaveri is stunned seeing the hands of Damini as they are burnt, Ajit starts throwing water on the carpets that are on fire. Mohan tries his best to wake Radha but she is not responding, Gungun even requests her to open her eyes as even Mohan is trying to wake her, she slowly regains consciousness and opening her eyes sees Mohan staring at her, she doesnot know how to respond but everyone else is relieved, she asks what happened and how did she come here, Mohan mentions she could have died from burning but Gungun says he must not yell since she got injured, Mohan questions how did she end up in the carpet. Ketki also questions how did she end up in the carpet of Damini’s room, Damini is really worried while Radha thinks how she took food for Damini, Radha starts coughing so he asks her to calm down questioning if she is fine, she replies they were eating together when she ate really spicy food.

Kaveri at once starts yelling exclaiming the hands of Damini got burnt so what has happened, she starts acting and even signals Damini who acts as if she is dizzy so Mohan rushes to her and catches Damini meanwhile Kadambari kneels to help Radha. Mohan tries to wake Damini but when she doesnot respond he picks her up in his arms while Kadambari also asks Radha to come inside. Kaveri is smiling that Mohan picked her daughter in his arms Tulsi is really worried.

Mohan instructs Dulari to bring water, Kaveri is creating a scene while yelling exclaiming that there are just problems in the life of this widow, Kadambari also offers water to Radha. Mohan is trying to wake Damini when she suddenly sits up exclaiming, she is fine and starts coughing exclaiming it might be because of the smoke, Mohan seeing her hand advises they must leave for the hospital but Damini refuses, Radha questions what did she do while trying to save her, Kaveri starts creating a scene exclaiming the hands that were about to be filled with Henna but instead got burnt, however they all must accept that her daughter is really brave like Durga maa and saved Radha, Tulsi exclaims she would have poured more oil if she wished so how could she protect her.

Damini goes to hug Radha thinking she would have to do something so that the question of how she got in the carpet ends, she starts screaming when Radha questions why did she save her as it is not auspicious for the bride to get hurt, she is glad that Bihari jee saved her. Mohan comes to apply the medicine asking her to be calm, he questions what was the need to touch the carpet. Damini replies even he could have burnt his hand but he replies nothing would have happened to him, Damini mentions she can even give her life for him as she loves him. Ketki thinks how she saw Damini pulling the carpet.

Mohan questions why did Radha go to sleep in the carpet as it might have caused a lot of problems for them, Radha apologizes when Kadambari replies that she must not apologize but should tell them how did she end up in the carpet, Radha tries to think when she reveals that she went to give the food even when she did not eat anything herself, she takes care of them all but not herself and refused to even take her help, so how did she end up in the carpet. Ketki replies she would tell them the truth, Damini replies that she told her how she went out of the room and when she came back the carpet was already rolled and so she thought of taking it out. Ketki tries questioning her but Kadambari stops her explaining that no one needs to understand anything.

Damini asks Mohan to talk some sense into Radha, he standing exclaims that sometimes what is the truth cannot be seen as he thought she hates Radha but she in fact burnt her own hands to save her, Mohan hugs Damini so she starts smiling, he thanks her when she replies he must not let her feel like an outsider since Radha is like her younger sister so how could she let anything happen to her.

Tulsi exclaims Damini is not the well wisher of Radha as she hates her and would do anything to ruin her life.
Gungun is standing in front of Radha, she tries to put her hand close to Gungun who notices that even her hand is burnt seeing which Kadambari gets worried, she thinks this pian is really small for what she has done as she doesnot have any right to write the name of Mohan on her hand. Damini starts applying the medicine on Radha’s hand which hurts her, Radha exclaims Damini is the purest soul as she is only caring for her injuries when she herself burnt her hand, Damini asks her to make a promise that she would also take care of herself and not just worry about them all, Kadambari asks Radha to come as she needs to rest, Kaveri asks Damini to come and leave but Rahul and Ketki both are really frustrated.

Radha in the room lights a Diya, she holding her hand exclaims Bihari jee knows everything so the name of Mohan jee was wiped of from her hand when they say it is not auspicious, she prays that no harm should come to Mohan jee even if she can get all the problems. Damini exclaims she keeps a varth for him and writes his name on her hand, she even keeps talking about him day and night so it is love which she keeps calling as following. Damini vows to punish Radha for loving Mohan thinking it is time for Radha to start counting backwards.