Radha Mohan 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari agrees to help Radha fulfill her vows

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Kadambari mentions she doesnot have the responsibility to bring happiness in the life of Mohan as it belongs to Damini, Radha replies Damini would stay with Mohan for her entire life but she only has the last chance to pay back her debt after which she would get married to Hriday thereby leaving this house forever.

Damini questions if he cannot control himself for three weeks, he must understand if Mohan or anyone else finds out that she brought him here then she is going to take his life, she explains he would not have to work the rest of his life after completing this work but he cannot let go of his old habits as this is what monkeys do. She informs he doesnot know what might have happened if Mohan had seen him, Hriday is shocked when she reveals if she had not diverted his attention, Mohan would have surely seen him killing that man. Damini explains the entire situation when she made them run away, Damini instructs him to go back home and focus on the work she brought him to do, she warns him to do each and every work with utmost care, he must not even reveal his secrets in the room. Hriday asks if there is a ghost in the house when Damini remembers about what happened to her with Tulsi, she mentions there are a lot of cameras and microphones in their house so he should think of them as a ghost. Hriday turns back explaining she has a really big heart as Radha always takes the name of Mohan jee but she doesnot know anything about her, Radha is about to get married to him but talks about Mohan so he feels as loves him. Damini assures there is nothing of that sort and he should only focus on his work otherwise it would be difficult for him. She leaves when Hriday exclaims, she doesnot know that she made a mistake by bringing him here.

Kadambari exclaims that Hriday is really fortunate to have a wife like her, Radha replies that she not only cares for Mohan but this entire family as they have taken care of her for an entire month so she also has some responsibility for this house, Radha exclaims she knows why they throw the rice so she feels like fulfilling the same responsibility towards this house, Kadambari is stunned when she mentions that she is also going to help Radha fulfill the vows, Radha gets excited when Kadambari explains that there is just one thing that was important for Mohan since his childhood and it remained the same till her became an adult, Radha ask what is she talking about when Kadambari agrees to show her.

Mohan closes the door when Gungun rushes to him asks if he managed to find Hriday, Mohan replies that he followed Hriday but lost him in the market, Gungun replies he should have searched more if he loved her, Mohan is stunned so kneels assuring it might be just their suspicion as Hriday might be a nice person but Gungun replies there is a problem that he wishes to take Radha away from this house which she cannot allow to happen, Mohan exclaims even he wishes the same but Gungun says he was never in her team otherwise would have made sure to find Hriday, she is going to fight this war on her own.

Mohan gets tensed while Kaveri peeks from behind the pillar thinking if Mohan sees her then would keep on asking questions about that old woman, Mohan leaves when Kaveri breathes a sigh of relief however Ketki feels suspicious of her.

Kadambari shows Radha the flute explaining that this was the solution to all his problems, she explains how she remembers the ritual when he was one years old and at that moment he picked the flute, Kadambari mentions he would always play this flute for Tulsi when she was not able to sleep. Kadambari reveals that one night she went to their room after hearing them fighting and so asked what is the matter, he revealed that she is not able to sleep but tonight he is going to make sure she sleeps. Mohan even picked her up in his arms when she suggested that he should do the thing that he loves the most but has not yet done. Mohan closing the door got close to her but then rushed to the bed where he started playing the flute, Tulsi managed to sleep peacefully after it. Kadambari explains that Radha must make Mohan play this flute if she wishes to see him happy, Tulsi exclaims if Radha manages to convince Mohan, then she will breathe a sigh of relief. Radha agrees if this is the only thing that can bring back the old Mohan jee.

Kaveri sitting at the table is about to drink the water, Ketki takes the glass from her hand so Kaveri replies it is not nice to snatch the water as people might curse her, Ketki questions why does she get scared after seeing Mohan bhai around her, Kaveri tries to refuse it but Ketki is adamant when Kaveri tricks her taking the name of Kadambari, Ketki vows to find out what is she hiding.

Mohan sitting in the room is thinking about what Gungun said to him that he doesnot care about her so she is still alone in her life, Radha is standing at the door when she calls him, he asks her to come inside. She asks why did he got so late, Mohan mentions he went to meet Shekar, she questions if Gungun said anything to him, he replies she said the usual that he doesnot love her when he felt that their relation was moving ahead and become normal, she would be able to see his love for her but she once again takes two steps back so the truth is Gungun still hates him and there is someone who believed she can end the differences between him and Gungun but is now leaving, Radha questions who is he talking about, Mohan mentions he means her as she is about to get married, he thought that things would get better but he has to accept that he cannot be happy.

Radha sitting questions how can he be happy when he has locked them all, Radha takes out the flute when he looks at her in anger, Radha explains there was a time when he would play this flute to make Tulsi jee sleep so does he know what is the solution to all the problems, she reveals he would end all the problems with this flute of not only himself but also all those who were around him. She advises him to once again play the music and end all the problems as the music would once again bring him close to Gungun. Mohan slowly takes the flute in his hand. He is about to take it to his mouth when he remembers what Tulsi said to him that he is still alone in this house but if he wishes to not see the truth then she cannot be a part of his life, he recalls how Gungun blames him for murdering her mother so gets tensed, he gets emotional and disturbed so says she doesnot have any right to talk in this matter as it is about the past that he has kept hidden, she doesnot know that this flute makes him remember his pains, about that women who has killed that old Mohan, if she wants him to die every day so she must let Tulsi remain dead along with that Mohan so with that Tulsi is the killer so they should not take her name.
Mohan stands and breaks the flute with his knee, Radha is stunned while mohan is furious.