Radha Mohan 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini accepts that she cannot get married to Mohan

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Mohan mentions she must not stop chewing otherwise he is also going to make her chew the food, Tulsi explains Radha kept the varth for him and he unknowingly broke her fast, Mohan asks what will her Dadi say when she sees her, she is going to say they send her with a lot more weights which she lost since they donot give her the food, Mohan suddenly starts coughing so Radha immediately picks the glass and helps him drink the water, Tulsi is also stunned seeing it and she smiles exclaiming both of them broke the fast of each other, she exclaims if this is just mere coincidence or some sign from him.

Damini sitting in her room is thinking how guru Maa said that she must not let this fast be broken when Kaveri exclaims who says that the spirit would not come if they take the name of Bhagwan as her entire body is hurting, Damini also thinks how guru maa said that she must not let anyone else break her fast as it would be better if she dies, Kaveri goes to open the door and is shocked seeing Gungun, she asks what does she desire when Gungun mentions she has come to take revenge, she starts hitting her with the balloons filled with water, she even hits Damini before warning that this is just the start and if she tries doing it again then she would tie them up the tree before hitting them. Kaveri exclaims both the mother and daughter has harmed them, Damini exclaims she would not be able to do anything now, she is worried what would Tulsi do with them after what happened today, Damini explains that she kept the entire Varth and even remained hungry, doing all she can to make sure her relation with Mohan gets stronger but when it was finally time to break the fast, Tulsi did not let her drink the water as she held her neck. Tulsi would always win and she would not be able to do anything, Kaveri questions what is she saying as how can she not win from her, Damini asks if she is not seeing that whatever plan they make always goes wrong, she doesnot feel that she would get married with Mohan as it is not possible, Kaveri assures that she would get married with Mohan but Damini mentions she was never able to get close with Mohan when she was alive and even after her death, she has vowed to not let her get married with Mohan.

Damini mentions that she has two face Tulsi and now Radha, she acts as being innocent but has made sure Mohan accepts her. Kaveri warns her that she said it today but must never say it again, she explains that she and Kadambari are sisters but when Kadambari got this house and wealth, she on the other hand got married to her father who had a small paying job, so the day she entered this house is when she vowed to not let her daughter suffer the same fate as her, she would surely get Damini married to Mohan, and no one can ruin her dream not even Bhagwan. Damini asks what about Radha as she has gotten really close to Mohan so she feels her marriage cannot happen, Kaveri exclaims that if destiny is not with them then they must create their own destiny and she must understand that she will surely win Mohan.

Tulsi is standing with the Sindoor, exclaiming that Tulsi can never take her Mohan from him, she thinks of the time when she hid the Sindoor and exclaims she thought that he would once again apply it when twenty-five years have passed but now she doesnot have his support or the life, she will still protect the Sindoor until she manages to find the person capable of this and being the mother of Gungun.

Mohan sitting in the lounge wonders why did she not come till now, Radha is sitting beside Gungun thinking of how she was pleading with Mohan to believe her but he did not say anything, she is heartbroken thinking about all those things that they said to her, there is someone at the door, she finds Mohan jee standing there who explains that usually the teacher waits for those students who get late but in this house, he is coming to her so why did she not come to study, Radha replies she is not feeling well so is going to sleep. Mohan exclaims she is lying as he knows it is not the truth, Radha replies that she has all the problems and he can say anything else if he likes. Mohan says that she did not say anything else to the other family members, Radha replies she did not think of them as her Bhagwan but was looking at him for support but he did not even dare to look at her, she tries closing the door when Mohan stops her agreeing what happened today was wrong but he asks what can he do to make her feel better, she requests him to let her sleep as she is tired, he asks then why can he not see it in her eyes. Radha replies that those eyes who were not able to see the difference between the truth and lies how can they see the feeling in her eyes., she is trying to sleep thinking then she might forget the incident that happened today. Radha closes the door, before sitting beside it crying her heart out. Mohan wonders what sort of behavior is this since if she doesnot talk with him then how would he feel calm.

Tulsi comes and seeing Radha requests that she stop crying as after what happened today, she is heartbroken since she felt that he would take her side but he did not do anything, he must know that he is not a bad person but some people have misguided him, Mohan once again knocks on the door asking Radha to open it. Tulsi sitting exclaims that Mohan is changing as the name which got written by mistake, what if both these names come together and become one, Tulsi is really glad thinking of her name as Radha Mohan.

Mohan hears his father yelling on Kadambari, he questions how can they blame Radha for being a thief as she takes care of the entire family but even than they blamed her for being a thief, he questions how can she let it happen. Mohan exclaims it is enough, he entering the room mentions that he has lost his mother once because of his actions but would never let it happen again, Kadambari showed care and love to him who did not have a mother, she also handled the entire business which Trivedi jee ruined, he walks away so Kadambari informs Mohan that it is not right since she made a mistake today by blaming Radha, Mohan mention they were all at fault so he should scold everyone, Kadambari replies because she is a mother and they all are her responsibility, the incident which happened today must not have happened.

Mohan mentions sometimes what feels as the truth cannot happen, he felt it in his heart that Radha cannot be a thief but they were not able to say anything as Damini was blaming Radha, otherwise she would have told the truth of Dumbro then things would not have gotten out of control, did she see how Damini was taking about Radha as he felt that she was trying to prove Radha is a thief, he is left confused. Mohan asks if she saw how Damini treats Radha, she sometimes shows as if she is her childhood friend while at other times, she blames her, Kadambari also gets worried. Mohan mentions he cannot figure out what does Damini desire from Radha.