Radha Mohan 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan scolds Gungun for blaming Hriday

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Gungun is checking the bags when Hriday thinks if he should end her life right now so he takes out the knife from the pocket, he turns off the lights which scares Gungun but she once again starts searching his bag for any clue, she at once notices something so cries the name of Radha.

The entire family is stunned when Radha rushes down to her and Mohan consoles Gungun questioning if anything happened, he at once gets furious seeing Hriday and takes him by the collar questioning what has he done to her, Dadi asks why did he start it all once again, Mohan replies that if Gungun is screaming then it would because of him, Hriday accepts that it was him since he did not realize that she was also there, Kadambari asks how many times would she have to stop him and even Gungun exclaims how many times will she have to say that he is not the right choice for Radha, Kadambari getting angry exclaims it is enough as even the daughter has started blaming him. Gungun asks her to see what she found in his bag after which she herself would end the proposal, she takes out a lighter seeing which they are stunned and sit down, Dadi is also worried so Gungun explains she herself said that smoking is a bad habit so this means that the relation is going to end. Mohan mentions he knew they would end the relationship if they found out about his habit, he claims to be a Bhagt but this action shows his intentions are not pure and it is a sign of something wrong. Ketki also says that this proves he is not the right choice since he is a little too perfect just like the heroines who are perfect are found to have undergone plastic surgery. Damini signals Lata jee who exclaims that her son has not used any such thing in his life, Mohan replies they do not light the stove with this but only cigarettes.

Lata jee exclaims in their society they treat the guests with utmost respect and is this the way they treat them, she keeps on requesting Dadi to do something and stop Radha, but she doesnot say anything and is sitting there quietly. Radha after searching takes out a cigarette box from the bag, Hriday accepts it but mentions that half truth is even more dangerous so asks her to even search the bag, she takes out a poster from the bag which is of a campaign and he even shows the video that is against smoking. Tulsi also exclaims that she doesnot feel that he is an honest person.

Hriday exclaims Mohan was his friend just a few moments ago but then at once started blaming him for all these heinous habits, Kaveri whispers Damini to further light a match and Lata jee exclaims that it is one thing to care but he is trying to show his claim, Radha tries to stop her but Lata jee exclaims she has said enough, Mohan jee should be the one to answer the questions as they have found out Radha believes Mohan jee is her Bhagwan but what is Radha to him. She is the mother-in-law so has the right as why is he so tensed about her. Lata jee says if they would keep a cat to protect the milk then they would suffer these consequences. Kadambari asks what is she saying to which Lata jee replies that Radha is the bowl of milk while Mohan is the cat, he doesnot want this relation to happen as he first refused from it and when they did not work he started blaming her son, Hriday is amazed with the performance. Kadambari tries to explain when Lata jee replies she is going to end the relation.

Damini thinks she singled her to act but why is she doing this over acting as then her plan might be ruined, Dadi questions why is Rameshwar not doing anything as he insisted, they get Radha married from this house. Lata jee also agrees with the idea if they want this marriage to happen then must go back to their village.

Mohan stops them assuring they donot have to go anywhere as he is accepting his mistake, he listened to the concerns of a child believing them to be true but this is certainly not the case, Gungun mentions she is not lying and they must trust her but Mohan in anger scolds her to stop it, she starts blaming him when he vows to teach her a lesson so takes Gungun into the room, Radha requests Kadambari to stop, she says Radha must calm down as Mohan would never beat Gungun.

Gungun starts screaming from the room hearing which they all are stunned and Radha rushes to the room, Hriday thinks she would now learn the lesson and not say anything in the matters. Radha requests Mohan to not raise his hands on such a little child, he exclaims that she has gotten way out of hand so this is how she would learn her lesson, they keep requesting Mohan to not beat her, Damini whispers to Kadambari If Mohan is beating Gungun, then it is because of Radha.

The entire family is standing outside while Mohan requests Gungun to not make such marks on his hand otherwise he would be scolded by his mother, Gungun rushes to the corner when he asks what is she doing but they keep on acting which worries, Mohan as she comes back with even more scares on her face, he is stunned asking if she also learned them from the serials so he vows to stop her from watching them. Kadambari calls Mohan outside so he tries to rush but Gungun stops him, he gets scared thinking now he would be scolded but Gungun assures nothing like that would happen to him and he must start acting, Mohan replies she is the one who has to yell so they once again start acting.

Hriday standing beside Damini asks what would happen if they find out about his other habits, she warns him to stay away from her otherwise it would create a lot of problems for her, she reveals it would create a lot of problem if Tulsi finds out the truth, Hriday asks who is Tulsi when Damini replies she meant the cameras and microphones. Ketki gets suspicious looking at them both wondering what kind of planning is going on between them both, Damini sees her so she immediately asks Hriday to forgive Mohan as only then will he stop beating Gungun.

Mohan and Gungun both hear Hriday say he forgives him, they call him an owl for believing it to be true when he asks if they should open the door but Gungun once again starts screaming which worries Radha to the extent that she starts hitting the door with a stool breaking it, Radha immediately takes Gungun from Mohan, he threatens to throw her out of the window if she misbehaves with anyone, Radha stops Mohan from even coming near Gungun warning that he should stay away, Mohan is stunned while Radha seems tensed.