Radha Mohan 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan invites Radha to have breakfast with them at the table

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Mohan holding both of his ears apologizes to Radha, she is shocked standing in front of him and even Damini is stunned along with Kadambari and the rest of Tivari family. Gungun looks at Kaveri with a smile, Damini thinks what is wrong with Mohan as he is apologizing to Radha, Mohan accepts he made a really big mistake and put wrong blame on her, he made the biggest mistake for her by not raising his voice for her support, Radha replies that he doesnot have to apologize to her since Bhagwan doesnot apologize to his Bhagt, Mohan mentions she might not understand his feelings but he is going to say what she said when her bag got broken, she said it is easy to fix broken things but the problem is that they do not try, he is just trying to fix the mistakes. Mohan asks if she remembers what she said when Damini was leaving, she asked him to think about Gungun as how she is going to feel when Damini as she would think it is easy to break the relations. Mohan asks what effect would it have on Gungun if she leaves, as her Dadi says there is nothing in the world that cannot be repaired once broken, they just have to try with a pure heart so is she going to stay. Damini is really frustrated when Radha asks if he still remembers all these things, he says they remember the good things, he knows his family has made a mistake but if she leaves than it would cause a lot of shame to his family, Kadambari also requests Radha to not leave as she is saying this on behalf of the entire family, even Mr Tiwari explains he would not be able to talk with his friend.

Gungun going to Radha explains if this apology is not very simple so if he does ten sit-ups then it would have been good, Mohan asks if this is not too much since he knows she would really like it. Mohan once again confirms if she is surely staying, Radha nods her head agreeing when he asks if she is leaving, but she replies she is going to stay. Mohan mentions now the time of professor Mohan has started, he says that she did not come in yesterday’s class but today if she doesnot study properly then he is going to hit her and even scold if she doesnot study, Gungun mentions this would be domestic violence but Mohan replies it would only be considered if she is his wife.
Mohan along with everyone else gets really tensed when Gungun mentions she is glad Radha is not his wife, she advises her to thank Bihari jee and if Mohan hits her with the scale, then she can complain so they both would fight back but she must never leave this house, Gungun and Radha both hug each other.

Kadambari comes to stand beside Mohan when he asks if she saw that Gungun did not call him a murderer when he talked about his wife, Kadambari replies that change is bound to happen and even Gungun is changing, Mohan exclaims that this change is because of Radha, Mohan explains there is one other thing which he needs to do for Radha so he sits down.

Kaveri asks Damini if she saw the same thing as Mohan is the husband of Radha while Kadambari is her mother in law, while the addicted brother in law is the father in law of Radha. She got a complete family along with the support of Tulsi. Damini is not able to bear it so leaves the hall, Tulsi also exclaims it is her promise as she is not going to let Damini get married to Mohan.

Kaveri comes to Damini assuring that she must not be worried when Damini asks if Mohan has lost her mind but Kaveri requests her to calm down as they would have their chance and will surely find a way to remove her from their path, Mohan calls Damini from behind, Kaveri gets tensed so turns back to see him standing in front of them. Mohan coming questions who were they talking of removing from their path, Kaveri replies she was talking about going to have breakfast, Mohan asks if they were going to have breakfast in the garden so does she want to eat the flowers, he feels as if he is going to have a stomach pain or something bad will happen to him, Kaveri questions why is he saying this, Mohan mentions because she says she would curse them as she is a widow. Kaveri replies she would not do anything of the sort, and starts acting when Damini informs he has left so she is glad, Kaveri questions how much would she have to suffer.

Mohan is having breakfast with his family when Damini comes to sit but he asks her to go and sit at any other chair, Damini questions what happened when he starts calling Radha, asking for breakfast but she assures of bringing it in a moment, Mohan informs he is talking about eating but Radha gets awkward mentioning she would have it in the kitchen, Mohan explains that kitchen is to prepare it and she should eat it with them and needs to sit down, Radha doesnot move so he stands pushing Damini away when he pulls out a chair asking if she is not a member of the family, if this is the case then she should have the breakfast with them all. Radha still doesnot move but seeing his attitude Damini gets really tensed, Mohan walks over to Radha, taking her hand he brings her to the chair instructing her to sit down. Kaveri gets jealous of Radha while even Ketki doesnot understand anything. Mohan starts praising the paratha, he asks if he would also have to correct the plate. Mohan asks Damini to sit at the table.

Radha is still not able to move, Mohan gets up to serve her but she is constantly looking at him when offers her the paratha, she is staring at him as he sits back down, he instructs her to start eating mentioning he is glad she is eating with the entire family as then no one would be able to blame her for stealing anything since it is not right, Damini is not even able to make a toast so leaves in anger, Radha tries to follow her but Mohan stops mentioning she is once again trying to be nice, Radha replies that he angered her without any reason so she is going to serve Damini, Mohan explains everyone can eat for themselves so she must just focus on her own self, Mohan explains it is also written in the Bhagwat Geeta, that they must not leave the plate so Kadambari instructs Radha to eat. She informs Mohan it is not right as he is misbehaving with Damini. Mohan replies she always says that good or bad is only about the situation so she will get to know what he is going to do, and they were not able to do the right thing after what happened to Radha but he is also going to do it very soon. Tulsi exclaims that Mohan has changed a lot but she is worried what he is going to do. Mohan thinks he would have to do what she did with Radha.

Mohan immediately enters the room apologizing to Damini for what has done, she says she did not even say a word when Mohan replies he doesnot know when she would blame him for being a thief, Damini asks him to stop since the situation was that the entire family blamed Radha for being a thief. Mohan replies then she should also not be with him since he was blamed for being a murderer and the court took a lot of years to prove his innocence, Mohan explains that she did the same thing to Radha as she blamed her even when she was innocent and he knows the pain. Damini accepts that she made a mistake so asks what can do now, Mohan replies that everyone in the house apologized to Radha but she did not do it even when she was the one who yelled at her and even slapped Radha, he asks if she apologized to Radha and would she be able to apologize, Damini is stunned when he exclaims if she would be able to leave her ego behind and say sorry to Radha, Damini is stunned while Mohan is furiously staring her.