Radha Mohan 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to harm Radha

Radha Mohan 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Mohan asks if Damini would be able to accept her mistake and apologize to Radha, he asks if she doesnot have an answer when Damini exclaims it is enough so she leaves. Radha replies she wishes there should not be any difference in the relationship of Mohan and Damini, what can she do to help them. Kadambari assures there is nothing to be worried about so she must calm down.

Damini calls Radha from behind, she gets stunned seeing Damini standing in the corner, she comes to stand in front of Radha and looking at her causes everyone including Kaveri to be tensed, she thinks Damini said something to her yesterday because of which Mohan is taunting her since morning so if she once again says anything then they would be thrown out of the house. Mohan comes out of the room calling Damini, she asks her to stay away from Radha when Damini explains he needs to stay away from this since this matter relates to them both, Mohan replies that nothing would happen between them both, Damini replies this is why she needs to talk as everyone is angry with her and he is taunting her since morning, she exclaims if the wrong happened in front of the entire family then she would also have to apologize in front of them, she thanks Mohan for making her understand.

Damini taking the hand of Radha apologizes that she forgot Radha could never steal in the house, she forgot that she called Radha as her sister and even then, blamed her for being a thief, Radha did a lot for this family as she saved Mohan and even Gungun, even then she thought wrong of her and blamed her. Damini hold both of her hands together apologizing accepting her mistake, Radha requests her to not do it but after that Damini kneels in front of her, Radha requests her to stand up as she doesnot have to apologize, Radha exclaims she called her as the younger sister so they should not apologize, Mohan has realized that she is just acting, Damini asks Radha to hit her as she made a mistake when she tries her best to open the wrist in which the name of Mohan is written, she keeps pulling it and so is able to see the name of Mohan.

Damini is shocked seeing Mohan written on her wrist and so she recalls how Radha explained that she got hurt while cleaning the room but the reality was that she was hiding the name, Kadambari comes asking Damini to stop it as she has apologized and Radha forgave her. Damini hugs Radha exclaiming she doesnot know what she has done by forgiving her as everyone is right to say that Radha has a really big heart and so in frustration exclaims she is glad Radha forgave her. Kadambari asks Mohan that Radha forgave Damini so he must also let go of this anger and end this quarrel but Mohan leaves in frustration. Tulsi wonders what is Damini thinking as she did not do anything even after seeing the name of Mohan written on the hand of Radha.

Damini is sitting in the room when Kaveri questions that Radha was walking with the name of Mohan written on her wrist and she did not say anything so even then Damini didnot say anything, Kaveri exclaims they need to tell everyone about the truth so she must come with her, Damini asks what will happen since Radha will once again say something sweet, she has already written the name of Mohan on her hand and even Gungun loves her a lot so it is just a matter of time after which Mohan would also give her some place in his heart. Kaveri replies Damini must sit her talking about the success of Radha, while she would get close to Mohan. Kaveri exclaims they are not those people who are scared of the their enemies but in reality tend to remove their enemies, she must do something that would make Radha get out of their lives. Kaveri exclaims that she is getting a severe headache and would not be able to sleep, she sits down eating the tablets but realizes that if she takes an overdose then would straight go to the Bihari jee of Radha, she leaves instructing Dulari to prepare milk for her. Damini seeing the medicine thinks of a plan.

Radha sitting in her room thinks that Damini saw the name of Mohan on her hand and so would be really tensed, just as she was after seeing the photo of Tulsi jee in the room. Someone suddenly hits her in the head so she turns to see Mohan, he sits down explaining that she is holding the book in the wrong way and needs to pay attention to her studies, Radha replies if she can not study today but Mohan instructs her to hold the book as he would make her pay attention, he threatens to hit her with a scale but she doesnot even move. Mohan requests her to at least act when he is about to hit her, Radha asks that he still did not forgive Damini because she has already forgiven her, Radha questions why did he not forgive her so Mohan replies because this is his house and not a court, Radha says that she has not eaten anything since the morning, Mohan mentions this is the right technique since they first make a mistake and then start acting. Radha replies she is really tensed and did not eat anything since the morning so she would just go to talk with her and everything would be sorted, Mohan mentions if she doesnot come back within ten minutes then he would find her from any place she hides.

Radha enters the room with the food and requests Damini to eat it since she did not have anything, she turns back causing the food to fall on the ground, Damini takes the hand that has the bandage, she removes it revealing the name of Mohan. Damini asks Radha if she brought the food with the hand on which she has the name of her fiance, Radha replies it is just a mistake and she knows Damini saw the name of Mohan jee on her hand, Damini replies she knows she made a mistake for which she apologized, but she should think how Damini would have felt when she saw the name written on her hand, Radha would have suffered a heart break, Radha assures she did not do anything wrong and it is the mistake of the women who came to apply the Mehndi, she even went to wash it but it would have been a sin on that day, she had kept it covered in a bandage, Damini thinks this is the right time to end the story of Radha.
Damini sees the water, thinking she had dropped the tablets and that too in a quantity which will cuase the over dose, just when she was mixing the water, Radha entered the room requesting her to eat the food when she thought that Radha herself came to drink the water that will cause her death. Radha is holding her hands apologizing while Damini smiles wishing Goodbye to Radha.