Radha Mohan 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini conspires against Radha

Radha Mohan 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Radha holds her hand apologizing to Damini, she thinks the time is to end the reason for her problems. Damini turning to Radha mentions she is really mad because if she had told her before then she herself would have helped Radha hide it, she has understood that Radha cannot lie and Damini explains her truth can be seen in the tears from her eyes, she knows that her heart is really pure and she is not at fault. Damini rushes to bring the water requesting Radha to drink it, she recalls how she put the tablets in it so insists that Radha should drink it, she thanks Damini before slowly taking the glass to her mouth and just as she is about to drink it, Radha places the glass on the table exclaiming she will first bring the lunch for her so kneels to pick the carpet, Radha exclaims that her expensive carpet got ruined so she is going to call the dry cleaner, Radha leaves with the plate when Damini recalls how her mother said that they are not those people who defeat their enemies but those who kill their enemies, she advised Damini to give Radha such punishment for her crime that she hesitates in even taking the name of Mohan.

Radha brings the food for Damini who is sitting on her bed, she asks Radha to come and have lunch with her but Radha replies she is going to have it after some time however Damini exclaims they say that love increases by eating together, Damini exclaims that the food is a little bland so she has some pickle in her room which she will bring, Damini goes to bring it mentioning her mother tends to hide them but she saw it, Radha after eating it starts coughing exclaiming that this is really strong when Damini exclaims this is what a pickle should taste like, Radha replies that it is really strong so starts coughing, Damini exclaims she is going to bring water for her so rushes to pick the same glass in which she has mixed the tablets, Radha drinks the entire glass but after that asks Damini why does the water taste different, Damini replies it might be because of the pickle that she is feeling it is different, Radha drinks the entire glass of water.

Mohan walking thinks that Radha just needs an excuse to run from her studies as she informed him, she is going to the room of Damini but she still did not come back. Radha praises the pickle but then is about to leave however Damini stops her mentioning if she has eaten it then her work is complete, Radha doesnot understand questioning what did she mean, Damini replies that she felt as if she has eaten it. She requests Radha if they both should place the carpet out of the room since it got a stain, Radha starts moving the chair but is feeling dizzy, she wonders what is happening to her as she has not even kept a varth so why is she feeling dizzy, Radha falls unconscious while covering the carpet meanwhile Mohan is walking towards the room of Damini, she rushes to close the door and just as Mohan is about to knock, he hears Gungun calling Radha, Mohan thinks that she has come back from school.

Dulari comes to Gungun mentioning she would can help her change the school uniform, Gungun starts asking her about Radha which angers Dulari who says that she would be resting somewhere in the house or studying English in her fathers room like a princess, Mohan coming from behind asks if she would also like to be a princess, Dulari gets really tensed so rushes away.

Gungun says hello so Mohan turns away when she explains that she is talking with him, he says she should greet him properly. Gungun asks him to send Radha to their room, Mohan replies that for this she must be with him, Gungun doesnot understand asking if it is a joke so he says that it was, she replies where is Radha, Mohan mentions she is with Damini, Tulsi gets worried hearing that she is with Damini, she wonders why does Radha not understand what Damini really thinks abopu8t her.

Damini looks at the name of Mohan on Radha’s hand exclaiming that Radha tried to take her place in the life of Mohan, she recalls when she tried to defend Mohan but he took the side of Radha and even barred her from sitting beside him at the dinner table, she mentioned he was insulting her but he replies they do not when someone might blame them, he even felt that Damini put the same blame on Radha which the world put on him, she exclaims Radha tried to attach her name with Mohan but she is going to give her a punishment which she will not forget.

Mohan asks if he can bring some food for Gungun since she would be hungry, Gungun replies she is not hungry as today she kept a varth, Mohan explains that she has started getting the effect of living with Radha so asks what varth has she kept, she mentions she kept a varth to keep Mohan away from her, he tries to be nice but she turns to leave, Mohan starts making fun of her which she hears but Gungun leaves in anger. Mohan wonders how can Damini bear Radha as she is just really difficult to handle.

Damini wonders how can she hide Radha when she hears Gungun calling Radha so immediately covers her in the carpet, meanwhile Gungun is knocking on the door but Damini covers her in the carpet. Damini opens the door so Gungun questions her where is Radha, Damini replies she doesnot leave after telling her, Gungun enters the room looking for Radha but is not able to find her, Damini is worried thinking what might happen if she sees the carpet. Tulsi rushes to see Kaveri if she has done something to Radha. Gungun is about to leave when the carpet falls and the hand of Radha comes out of it, Damini gets tensed but acts as if she fell, Gungun starts smiling asking her to check if any of her tooth broke since they do not even grow back at her age.

Mohan while walking bumps into Gungun, she questions why does he not watch where he is going when he replies he has to talk about something important with her, he questions if she found Radha in Damini’s room but Gungun replies she was not there and why is he looking for her, he replies it was time for her study but she ran away, Gungun leaves asking him to send Radha to her room since it is her play time.

Damini is pulling the carpet when Ketki asks what is she doing as Dulari can throw the carpet, Damini replies she was busy so she herself thought about doing it, Ketki’s husband comes offering his help to Damini which worries her as she thinks he might see the hand of Radha, Ketki stop him explaining Damini can do it by herself, she taunts Damini saying she can forget about marrying Mohan because he is really frustrated by her recent actions, Damini replies she would surely get married to him and after that will throw out Ketki and her husband, Ketki gets angry explaining she also has a right in this house, Damini replies Mohan owns this house and after her marriage she would also become a owner of this house, Ketki leaves with her husband, Damini kneels whispering to Radha if she heard what Damini just said, she will not bear any unnecessary people in this house, Radha is the first person who will be thrown out of the house.

Precap: Damini brings a rolled carpet downstairs. Mohan and Gungun are looking for Radha. Mohan asks Damini where is Radha? she came in your room. Damini says yes she came but don’t know where she went. Mom says to Mohan if you can’t find her then call her. Mohan calls Radha, her phone starts ringing and voice comes from rolled carpet. Damini gets scared, Mohan walks towards the carpet.