Radha Mohan 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Hriday refuses to marry Radha

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Mohan is kneeling to help Radha with her dress, she looking at the Murti exclaims even if he doesnot believe in Bhagwan but he has accepted Mohan, he should see that he is bowing before him so he should at least take the blessings. Gungun starts smiling but hearing this Mohan stands up mentioning he doesnot want any blessing, he asks if she is fine before once again holding his hands together.

Radha once again walks towards the Mandir, exclaiming because of him Mohan jee walked the steps of Mandir to take his blessing and even bowed before him, he should help her like this always as she is about to get married in two weeks but all the three things are still left.

Damini exclaims Ketki was telling the truth, she neither Radha nor Tulsi so has gotten the proof. Kaveri questions what sort of proof as she ate the wigs so Damini must not scold her widow mother, Damini exclaims even then she feels Ketki would not sit quietly as she would surely find the proof. Ketki asks if Rahul believed her now as she was sure they both are behind it all. Rahul asks how would they prove anything is wrong since they all refuse to believe them at all.

Mohan is standing when Hriday gets a call from Damini, he gets nervous but goes to answer it in the corner, she asks if he did his work and everything went according to their plan, Hriday replies that he is still busy in his work and in the Mandir so it would take some time. He is shocked to see Gungun standing there who asks who was on the call, Hriday replies why would he tell anything to her about his actions, Gungun replies she would surely find out the truth as nothing is hidden from her. Hriday in anger exclaims he would not let anyone live if they misbehave with him.

Kaveri enters the room when she sees the glass of milk so is relieved, she thinks why did Dulari leave it without any cover as otherwise she would have to take anything which was inside of it. She eats it while Ketki and Rahul both are smiling recalling they mixed something in the milk. Kaveri starts screaming with the stomach pain seeing which Ketki rushes inside asking what is going on, she insists they must leave for the hospital since they have to find out what is in her stomach, she asks Kaveri to tell the truth about the wig and her acting as the old women. Kaveri falls down on the bed with a white substance coming out of her mouth, Ketki and Rahul both get tensed when she questions what did he mix in the milk as something is coming out of her mouth, Rahul replies he was just following her orders since she wanted to know the truth. Kaveri at once stands up infront of them with a smile.

Damini comes at the front from behind the curtains asking if they both thought that it would be so easy to get the truth. She reveals how she heard them both conspiring so her mother just drank soda in the milk. She also made of them admitting to their plan, she warns if Ketki comes in her way ever again then she would not be able to live in any house.

Kadambari is really worried wondering if Radha would have completed her punishment, Mohan entering the house exclaims she did it and so has returned. Radha entering exclaims she is really glad since Mohan did not only come to the Mandir but also bowed before Bihari jee, Kadambari hearing this is stunned and everyone else is not able to believe it, Mohan replies that she made him do it by making a fool out of him, Radha explains that he might have done it by mistake but she is sure that he would one day do it with complete belief.

Hriday exclaims she forgot to reveal the biggest news that Mohan jee took her in the Mandir after holding her up in his arms. He walking over to Dadi exclaims he can no longer marry Radha even when she is a really nice girl, he feels that any boy who marries her would have a really good fate but is not him. Damini gets tensed so exclaims he is just saying this because he is angry so must calm down, Hriday replies he is not angry and never wants to talk about what happened today but cannot marry Radha anymore. Kaveri whispers what is he doing. Dadi requests him to not do anything of the sort otherwise they would be humiliated since the invitations have been sent to everyone, and if he backs out from the wedding now then it would ruin everything. Hriday asks they should know the reason he took such a big step, because Radha loves Mohan, everyone is stunned hearing this from him. Hriday says that Radha doesnot know she loves Mohan and even he is not aware that the feelings he has for her is of love, he however has seen the love that is in their eyes for them both, so he cannot marry anyone who is in love with someone else. Damini is stunned.

Mohan and Radha both are really tensed meanwhile Tulsi is smiling, Hriday exclaims that it would ruin the lives of four people and not one so he is not going to do such a sin, he even advises Damini to not do it, she wonders what is he talking about and this is wrong.

Mohan asks Hriday if he has lost his mind, he must think it through, Kadambari stops him from saying anything, she explains that Hriday might be mistaken. He explains ever since he came to this house, he has seen that Radha is not calm without Mohan and even he is constantly searching for her, he feels that they all are a complete family with Gungun so donot need any out sider. They get married when two people reside in each other’s heart, when they close their eyes then must only see each other. He says it is not the case as Radha has Mohan jee in her heart and if she closes her eyes, she just sees Mohan jee so this is why he cannot get married to her. Rameshwar explains they have come ahead in this proposal if he leaves now then who would marry her, Hriday asks why is Pandit jee getting worried since he came to sort it out as why would anyone not marry Radha, he says Mohan jee will marry her.
Mohan walks to Hriday in anger taking him by the collar, Radha tries to stop him so comes in between them both, Mohan looks to Hriday in anger.