Radha Mohan 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini conspires against Radha

Radha Mohan 4th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Ketki threatens to tell everyone that she saw Damini with the carpet which had Radha and she is sure Damini wanted to kill her, Ajit comes from behind questioning what is she saying as he was also near the carpet and if Radha was inside then he would have seen her, why is she blaming Damini. Kadambari coming from behind explains because she has got habitual of blaming others, Kadambari mentions she knows Ketki doesnot like Damini and then why would she try to harm Radha when she herself saved her. Kadambari advises her to learn from Damini but Ketki replies if she thinks of learning from her then the house would surely get burnt one day, she warns her mother how she would feel bad when she finally realizes the truth about Damini. Tulsi standing there also requests Kadambari to not trust Damini as she should be ousted from the house.

Kadambari standing with Damini wonders why is there so much hatered in the heart of her children, she loves them with all her heart but they instead want the right in the property of Mohan so how can she give them since the entire property belongs to the mother of Mohan. Damini assures Kadambari that everything would be fine one day, she hugs Kadambari and is relieved that everything is sorted. Kadambari also questions what is in the bag hearing which she is shocked. Damini replies the tailor came with the blouses of the wedding, she requests if she can go to the room as she must change the bandage.

Damini entering the room takes out the belongings from the bag, she thinks now not only the mind but also Radha would get half in size, she recalls when Guru maa mentioned that she was right and the names of Radha and Mohan are both together but they would complete each other, she mentioned they are the two magnets that would get close if she tries to separate them. Guru maa said Tulsi is a soul so cannot be with Mohan but Radha is living and even her starts are a match to Mohan. Damini then takes out a powder revealing before Radha and Mohan become together, they need to separate them, she revealed there is just one way which they can use, guru maa then informed her of the entire truth.

Damini standing applies the tika on the forehead of Kaveri asking if she knows what she has to do since they cannot make a mistake, Kaveri assures that nothing wrong would happen as Radha would not be save herself.

Radha is walking with the Thali thinking both of the important things have been finalized, she gets worried thinking she should not have come from this way as there is no one on the path, she suddenly falls when someone hits her in the leg with the stick. Radha standing questions why is she trying to hit her, Kaveri replies where dis eh go but Radha mentions she went to the mandir, Kaveri keeps on hitting her explaining she left her. Radha informs she told her she is not her daughter but Kaveri follows her questioning where is her daughter, Radha thinks her daughter might have run away from the house, Kaveri keeps on hitting her so Radha gets tried requesting for some time. She explains she would take the thali and go back to her home while even Kaveri can leave but she is still hitting Radha.

Radha after running manages to hide behind a tree, Kaveri walks to the other side while searching for her. Radha thinks where can she go now since she made a mistake by coming on this path. Radha recalls how Damini gave her the contact number so she is the only one who can help her.

Mohan is with Damini when he thanks her saying he did not know she was so attached to Radha, Damini questions why is he still talking about the things that happened yesterday. She suggests they should talk about their marriage when Radha suddenly calls her, she thinks Radha always comes in between her and Mohan and she would have gotten mad but not today. Damini answers the call when Radha reveals that an old lady is following her, she is constantly hitting her and she feels like Radha is her own daughter. Mohan gets tensed questioning where is she, Radha informs she is on the old path from the Mandir. Mohan replies he is on the same road so would reach her really soon. Damini requests him to hurry up.

Radha stands up thinking he would come to save her but is stunned when Kaveri is standing in front of her, she questions if Radha thought that she would be able to hide from her. Kaveri keeps on hitting Radha so she falls on the mud. Kaveri is constantly hitting her when Mohan stops Kaveri, he questions what does she think is doing. Kaveri threatens to even hit him if he doesnot leave her stick, he however keeps holding it she calls him characterless and even says would color his face black, Mohan exclaims she is saying all these things because he is quiet. Mohan threatens to teach her a good lesson if she doesnot stop hitting asking if she got mad, he warns to beat her if she comes in hi reach, Radha also requests him to hit her as she did not listen to her and only kept beating her.

Mohan asks her to stop but she threatens him to leave otherwise he would beat her, he accidentally hits himself but she manages to run outside and locks the door, he hits the door before climbing when he threatens to beat her if she once again meets him, she runs away.

Radha is crying when Damini asks her to come out as she would not be able to gain anything by sitting there, Radha replies she is hurting but just as she stands Mohan starts pouring water on her, he exclaims she is a shop of accidents as he told her that she doesnot have to go to the Mandir but she did not listen, he feels like calling the aunti back only then would Radha learn her lesson. Radha asks him to let go of the water; he replies if she sits in the car like this then it would be ruined. Mohan starts washing her face while Damini is looking at her and is really jealous. Mohan asks if she wants to stay in this mud and so asks her to come out, she tries walking out but then once again falls and even pulls Mohan.

Damini asks if they both are fine when Radha starts smiling mentioning he was making fun of her so Bihari jee punished him, he replies that she purposefully pulled him into the mud. Mohan starts washing not only himself but also Radha, meanwhile a person clicks their photos together, Damini signals him to leave. Damini thinks till Mohan is with Radha, she would not let anything good happen as he would find out the truth tomorrow morning, she exclaims this is where the second part of the plan got completed. Damini is smiling.