Radha Mohan 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohan tries to convince Dadi for not taking Radha with her

Radha Mohan 6th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on NewsTime.In

Radha prays to Bihari jee that he must protect both her father and Dadi because they should get the strength to fight this problem. Dadi warns them to stop as she is her grand daughter when the women reply they are not saying anything but the news editor wrote it all and they exclaim he always teaches everyone to talk politely and do good deeds but never said anything to his own daughter, Pandit jee explains they should not believe anything that is written since it can also be a lie, they reply but it can even be the truth. The villagers exclaims that everyone from the village has read the news and are now cursing their family as they were not able to raise their daughter. Pandit jee feels ashamed so lowers his face as he cannot look into the eyes of the villagers. Radha is really worried about what might happen to her family, they blame that Radha went out just for a few days but is now doing such evil thing since she is going out with a man twice her age and who is also the father of daughter, they blame that she might have learned it from her Dadi and father while her father claims to be a religious person. They even bar him from coming to their house for any sort of Pooja, Dadi stops her son exclaiming that his daughter has ruined their reputation in the entire village.

Damini is sitting cutting the photo of Radha from the newspaper when Kaveri questions what is she planning since the entire reputation of Mohan got ruined but she is still smiling. Damini asks her mother to wait and watch since Guru maa has given her such a Mantar after which Radha and Mohan would be separated, Kaveri immediately asks when Damini informs, she must wait to see what happens.

Radha questions where is she taking her, Gungun also requests her to stop. The Grandmother of Radha is constantly pulling her hand while everyone is requesting her to stop, Tulsi also questions why is she taking Radha away like this, Kadambari asks her to stop questioning why is she being so angry as what crime did Radha commit, Dadi replies it was her mistake that she left Radha in their house and it is all her mistake. Kadambari replies she knows Dadi is angry but what crime has Radha committed.

Mohan coming in front of Dadi exclaims Radha would not go anywhere, everyone is stunned seeing him stand in front of them all, Kaveri questions why did he have to interfere in this matter. Mohan comes to Dadi and looking at the tears in the eyes of Radha, explains she is not at fault so she must not suffer the punishment. Dadi replies that things have gotten way out of hand as her photo is printed in the newspaper with a man who is the father of a child, she asks if he feels it is fine since the society in which they live considers it to be a crime, he would get married in a month while her Granddaughter would have to suffer it for the rest of his life. She asks if he knows what name is she being called at as they are all saying she is his second girl. Radha questions why is she talking to Mohan like this as he came to help hr and was removing the mud from her face, she must not spoil his character for this cause. Radha goes to Kadambari questioning if she ever thought she can do anything like this then why are they being affected by it. Dadi replies that she and her father have suffered because of the news, her father tries to calm down the situation when Dadi questions if Radha knows what the villagers said, they are blaming that Radha was sent to this house so they can also earn a lot of money.

Mohan asks if she is going to believe the lies they are saying, Dadi mentions they would have to live in this same society. Mohan explain that the people who calim to be the protectors tend to cause a lot of problems and their biggest weapon is fear. Dadi mentions that even Sita Mia had to suffer and Radha is innocent so how can they live. Dadi reveals they are of a lower social background so he must let them live in peace.

Dadi pulls Radha who refuses to leave but she is not ready to listen to anything, Kaveri is glad they have gotten rid of Radha but Damini requests Mohan to stop her, Radha is being pulled by her Dadi while she is looking back at Mohan who is also constantly staring at her, he recalls the times when she was beside him to help whenever he faced any problem, he is not able to take his eyes off her as she is also crying looking her. Gungun rushes to Mohan requesting that he must not let Radha leave and she must stay here, Damini also wishes that anyone should stop Radha otherwise her plan would fail.

Mohan makes Dadi swear on the name of Radha to stop, he questions why is she focused on destroying her life. Dadi turns back in shock while Mohan is with Gungun. He once again walks towards her, explaining the elders have to teach their children to live while holding their head high and not be scared, he asks if Sita jee refused to bear it then would she also say that she was right, Dadi starts questioning her decision when Mohan exclaims they have to teach the girls to fight, he mentions she gave her good character but did she teach her what needs to be done in case of any problem, if she stays then would learn English then would be able to live in the society. Radha tries to interfere when Mohan stops her questioning if she did not learn that children should not interfere when two elders are talking. Dadi replies she also saw what kind of teachings he got since he is constantly arguing with her so this shows what kind of teachings his mother gave Mohan as she is not his real mother. Mohan is stunned and replies that his mother has always taught him to do good even with those who are bad.

Dadi asks what relation does he have with Radha, Mohan mentions that his relation is of a teacher and student as he teaches Radha, Mohan seeing the Bihari jee in the hands of her fathers goes to take him, he explains that Radha said she doesnot go anywhere without her Bihari jee so he is going to keep him with himself and will see how Radha leaves. Dadi asks what sort of joke is this as he must return the bag but Mohan walks inside the house.
Kaveri questions what has gotten into her daughter as she is smiling while Mohan is fighting everyone for Radha, Damini thinks that she is not like her mother as she wants to throw Radha out of Mohan’s life, for which the fourth part of her plan is about to start. Damini smiles while Radha is weeping.