Radha Mohan 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Maha Pandit arrives at Trivedi House

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Mohan challenges how he is going to see if Radha leaves the house, Dadi along with everyone is stunned when Mohan turns to see the bag in the hands of pandit jee so goes to take it from him, Dadi questions what sort of childish behavior is this when Mr Tevari also requests her to let it go since Mohan is also like her son, she replies but he is now a man of thirty-five years of age. Kadambari exclaims because Mohan desires the good of Radha, if she takes her back to the village then they would also gather in her house once again and scold Radha which is going to create a lot of problems for her, is this what she desires so then she can let her live here because after living with Radha for so long they have gotten used to her so if she leaves like this then they would not like it at all. Dadi questions why is she not understanding as this is the peace before the start of a hurricane, even if they donot understand what she is saying then must know she feels they are going to suffer something heinous. Damini thinks she might be a Jotish because of which she knows it all.

Dadi refuses to leave without Radha when Kadambari exclaims she took the words from her mouth since she can also stay with them because if they get her supervision then the problems would also be sorted. Kaveri exclaims they should set a tent outside the house since Dadi also came to stay with them, when she explains Dadi is right to think that Radha might face a problem in the future, she leaves asking if Kaveri would like to have some ice cream. Kaveri wonders what sort of problems will this widow face as she only had one daughter who also lost her mind.

Radha is in the room when Dadi comes from behind questioning why did she not say anything when Mohan was misbehaving with her in front of everyone, Gungun from behind exclaims she is right, she calls her Super Dadi which she doesnot understand so Gungun explains she meant Dadi who is older even her Kadambari. She mentions Mohan is like this and if he had the choice then would make the entire world run according to his desires, she informs that he used to hate Radha a while ago and would constantly ask her to leave but now is not going to let her leave, he doesnot even know how to talk with elders. Radha stops her revealing that she is also talking rudely about her father, Dadi asks her to stop since when two intellectual people are talking, she must not interfere, Gungun exclaims she is super Dadi and must not scold Radha since she never makes any mistake and is the only friend she has in this house, she requests Dadi to let her stay in the house. Radha calls her name while crying and so goes to hug her.

Kaveri is looking at Damini while she is eating ice cream, she exclaims Damini should sit here while Radha will take away Mohan from her, Damini asks when do they eat sweets, on such occasion when something good is about to happen, so she is glad that Mohan asked her to stay back in the house because only now will the plan of Guru maa come into effect, Kaveri also questions what did Guru maa suggest as she can no longer control herself, Damini agrees but then backs off mentioning she can just eat the ice cream however Kaveri is still worried about her pain since she cannot control herself.

Radha is standing in the Mandir, recalling how Mohan jee said she is not at fault and they must teach the girls to fight with the society, she is not able to understand how he stood for her. Mohan questions what is she asking from her Bihari jee as he solved everything so she is not going with her Dadi, Radha coming to her exclaims they were not going to any unknown location with someone but was going to leave for her own house with her Dadi, and she is just a guest in this house so is going to leave one day. Mohan exclaims he forgot she is a guest but then she must tell the reason of crying, she replies because she was angry with him as he did not let her speak anything in front of her own Dadi, she never felt worried saying he is like her Bhagwan but for the first time when he spoke to her Dadi in such a way that she is not able to speak anything. Mohan in anger mentions if he had not come to stop her then she might have taken her by force, Radha replies she has every right and can even kill her since she is the one who ahs raised her from childhood because of whom she is protected. Radha explains whatever Mohan has done today is really wrong and because of which she is really angry with him. Radha leaves when Mohan wonders why is he feeling bad to see her cry. Tulsi exclaims even she cannot understand what is happening to him since he was always so practical but he must for the first time look into his own heart.

Pandit jee enters the house calling everyone when Kadambari questions why did he come to their house and should have called them, Rameshwar exclaims he feels pandit jee has come to talk with him but the Pandit jee says that he would only talk with Kadambari Devi, he explains their family has been responsible for the Mandir and a lot of people come there but Rameshwar is misusing his role as the Pandit jee and now they have also let his daughter stay in their house but this Rameshwar is doing evil things because of the tremendous debt, Rameshwar gets tensed hearing such blames but this angers Mohan. Kaveri thinks this was the plan of Damini and she even left her mother behind it all.

Pandit jee exclaims that he expected better from Mata jee but she is also running after money in this age when she should be praying, Dadi holding her hands mentions she can bear any blame but her grand daughter is pure and never committed any crime.

Pandit jee blames that she while keeping the daughter of Pandit in her house is forcing her son to develop relations with her so if this was the case then should have sent him to a dancer. Mohan in anger stands in front of Pandit jee but Kadambari stops him saying that he is the Maha pandit jee so Mohan must apologize, however he is really angry when Kadambari forces him to apologize. Kaveri thinks that she is really glad today after witnessing this since both Kadambari and Mr Trivedi jee are being humiliated as they claim to be of a respected society but are now humiliated. Tulsi exclaims that are glad because of the humiliation they all are suffering.
Pandit jee exclaims that he after seeing the reaction of Mohan feels he has taken the right decision. Mr Trivedi questions what does he mean when Pandit jee informs that he feels they should hand over the responsibility of the Mandir to a trust who would also be responsible for the new Pandit, since Rameshwar is not worthy to be called a Pandit after his crime have been revealed. Maha Pandit jee leaves which worries everyone and Radha calls Mohan with tears filled in her eyes.

Mohan rushes after the Pandit jee, he holding his hand apologizes mentioning that it is his mistake so he must not punish the family of Radha, his family is connected with it all but Maha Pandit jee says nothing can change now when Mohan requests there can be a way by which the Mandir remains with them to take care off, he informs the way is that there is only a single way by which it can happen.

Dadi exclaims she can understand it so they are going to get Radha married as soon as possible, hearing this everyone is shocked. Mohan looks to Radha who is stunned.